Youth Videos

With the help of Mission Loc@l reporters teens conceived, filmed, and edited videos to tell the real story behind living in the projects.

Living at Bernal Dwellings

Berann Introduces Her Neighborhood

A Sneak Peek of Army Street

The Ghetto Isn’t What it Seems

Video By Amanda Martinez

Life in the Projects

Hipsters rarely wander near the two-block area bordered by Cesar Chavez and 26th streets and the area is one of the few places in the Mission where there are more African Americans than Latinos.

The housing projects were redeveloped in 2001, but despite the makeover, Ginale Harris, the director of the Bernal Dwellings Community Center says, “These are still the projects.”

“People don’t realize we even exist,” Harris said. “We are a community within a community. There are a million stories here.”

A year inside the center has given us at Mission Loc@l just a glimpse of a few. See for yourself.