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  1. That was Beautiful about Daniel Mondragon He is the native son of San Francisco and gives me hope for the future.Spread your wings then come home Daniel your Homegirl Cindy De Losa

  2. paulallen i think you should reread the article because you aren’t understanding the intimidation going on . When a tenant is offered a ‘buyout’ the landlord is saying ‘i want you gone’ . A so-called buyout is really a sanitized eviction . Usually the tenants need to leave San Francisco., as the amount paid would not cover a ‘market rate ‘ apartment. Do you blame someone who is mugged and handed over their wallet because they were afraid they would be beat up or shot / ? Do you say they cooperated and didn’t have to ?

  3. The lunacy of combining storm water with sewage in the same system is quite apparent. This City seems to have no co-ordination concerning all of the services buried under asphalt and concrete, always it seems, under our busiest thoroughfares. As soon as we get a new smooth surface it is dug up by anyone with interest and ‘repaired’ in such an inept way that a major pothole develops. Our streets are like the surface of The Moon, I have driven in Istanbul, a City of 16,000,000, and their streets are so much better. I am lucky if I get 20,000 miles from my tires and my hand trembles when I send in my huge property tax cheques. We see, daily, curbs being lowered to become ADA compliant, all good, but why not at the same time bulb out the corners to create landscape areas to absorb rainwater, bore deep holes that would fill and help replenish ground water before over flowing back into the gutters. These bulb outs protected by bollards give sanctuary to pedestrians whilst making them more visible, cut in half the actual crossing distance and make any vehicular turns easier and safer. Instead we do one thing at a time to cause the maximum,noise,disruption and cost. Can we not at least, adopt the above measures at all junctions leading and contributing to our flood areas at a fraction of the cost being calculated for an approach that may not work sometime in the distant future. Even if it doesn’t completely solve the problem we have permanent valuable improvements to our quality of life and public safety. The U.S.A is so far behind concerning City Planning it’s laughable.

  4. I hope the young man, husband and father who was stabbed in the neck at work , at a homeless encampment, is recovering well. A ChP officer working his shift. I am grateful to all our emergency responders-police, fire, medics, hospital, dispatchers, for the job they do day & night. The officer underwent emergency surgery in Critical, Intensive Care. best thoughts to his wife, children & friends.


  6. My husband and I are home owners on this block. He has lived here for 14 years.

    Since so much of the housing in this neighborhood either isn’t affordable now or won’t remain affordable in the long run, I think we need as much affordable housing as possible. If the city can buy and develop the building as affordable housing that would be My preference. Having useful creative or community service and/or small businesses on the street level. Whatever the neighbord would like and doesn’t already have enough of.

    My second choice option if the first is not practical would be to have it developed as part affordable housing/ part market rate, with the most affordable housing possible without the city buying. Does anyone know what that percentage could be and still have the building be profitable, although less so, for the developer? I’m sure one of the neighborhood organizations must have looked into this and I just haven’t found the info yet.

    And just to help break up the polarized conversation on this, when my neighbors and I on the block talk about housing issues I hear everyone talking about how important affordable housing is. Yes, the tech workers too. Their opinions vary about the details, they vary in how informed they are, but the overall support is there from most of them.

    It’s not only the louder and more extreme sounding voices who care about this. Sometimes the loud statements are off putting to people who don’t identify as activists, but I understand why the more confrontational activism is an important element in making change. I would bet that for every loud voice there are many more quiet supporters who would support any solution that is as affordable as possible while being practical. Just my opinion.

    I guess I need to get my butt in gear and learn more and show up at meetings about that building.

  7. Jason Grant Garza here … ah, illusion, false hope, empty promises, no help and plenty of pay for those running and operating the 15 bed ??? shelter. Remember this is SFGH which denied me EMERGENCY CARE and when I went with SFPD and or Sheriff I was still denied. Here is but ONE video on youtube under Jason Garza to show the illegality … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cca3_Ub550s … here is the video where I was falsely arrested, denied medical care, denied my ADA rights, held in jail for 4 days … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr4hCybk-5k&t=66s and here is the video after the court FIASCO …. where I warned the PD that I would NOT get Due Process and NO ONE would be held accountable for the lawbreaking injury. … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h85jVVHrd8&t=27s … there are over 1000 videos showing no help, no accountability and NO JUSTICE for the disabled … Learn the GAMES and watch the INHUMANITY … then choose whether you believe or not.

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