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  1. That’s kind of a gross proposal there. Did you read “A Modest Proposal”? Though it is true that some bus designs are ugly; it is more important to have transport than aesthetics; I try to keep that in mind myself, however I live in Richmond, so, the reason that I’m in your neighborhood is because I am fixing bicycles in San Francisco. However, pooping on the streets is kind of a limit and should not be done, I don’t think.

  2. And this is why crowd-sourced contests are stupid. There’s not one viable winner in this whole lot of crap. You got some great critical commentary of the tech bus system and a bunch of really amateur work.

    1. Tuffy- you sound a tad weaker than your name ‘Tuffy’ implies. Did you submit a design, or are you just criticizing those who thought about the concept and put their time, heart, and talent into this? Any art on a boring white surface is better than nothing at all, and if you feel the need to write hateful comments about that, then you’re very judgemental and closed-minded. I find the designs very inspiring, not “amateur”, as you call them. Maybe you’re an artist who puts other artists down to make yourself feel better about your own work, or maybe you’re just a hater who doesn’t appreciate the beauty around you.

      1. Jeez. Someone takes critiques a little too personally. Newsflash! It’s a contest and “judging” is how contests work. I hardly see how anything I said was “hateful” but whatever.

        No, I didn’t submit anything because I respect myself enough to not work for free with only a slim chance of getting paid — and in this case, getting paid a mere pittance of what a fair wage should be.

        I don’t hate on other artists but I am critical of people who participate in crowd-sourcing and contests because it devalues what professional artists and designers do.

    1. Well, the buses are now officially approved. So your campaign to stop people getting to work and supporting their families has failed.

        1. Tenants rent their homes and landlords rent the money to provide those tenants with their homes.

          Isn’t that quite similar?