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Amistades y Familia Recuerdan a José Luis Anthony Escobar

José Luis Anthony Escobar, de 19 años de edad, era el mayor de siete hijos. Escobar quiso encargarse de su familia cuando su padrastro fue asesinado el primero de septiembre en el estacionamiento de un Taco Bell. “Sentía que tenía que asumir el papel”, dijo su mamá, Dina Carrillo. “Como si tuviera que cuidar de mí”. Fue así que consiguió...
Illustration by Molly Oleson.

Son’s Attempted Redemption Ends In Gunfire at 19

Jose Luis Anthony Escobar, 19, the oldest of seven children, wanted to take care of his family after his stepfather was shot and killed in a Taco Bell parking lot on Sept. 1. “He felt he had to take the role,” said his mother, Dina Carrillo. “[Like] he had to take care of me.” So he got a job — the...
Altar briefly erected at the corner of 16th and Rondel streets

Residents: Weekend Killing Latest in Surge of Gang Violence on 16th St.

A 19-year-old man, identified as Jose Escobar by the San Francisco medical examiner, was shot and killed near 16th and Valencia streets early Saturday morning, police said. Neighbors and merchants fear the homicide shows a resurgence of gang violence along 16th Street. Three merchants who asked that their names not be used for fear of retribution told Mission Local it’s...