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On Base: A Clockwork Orange

After a 1-2-3 inning at the top of the sixth, the Freak is working smoothly from the mound, deceptively fast, deceptively strong. He stands straight, body tensed, muscles coiled like Michaelangelo’s David in the instant before slinging his shot. Thirty thousand orange heads stand and cheer.

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On Base: Games Without Borders

In the bottom of the fourth, Posey rips a rope down the third base line for another double and another standing ovation. “This kid is hot!” exclaims one of the two women in the Press Box. “No one ever said that about me,” grouses the guy on my right. Wonder why.

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Today, Latinos make up more than 27 percent of major league players. Tonight, six of the nine starting Gigantes are Latino. Wrapped in orange jerseys and white pants, “your” San Francisco Giants look almost alive.

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OnBase: Swept Away

Whiteside talks to the press. “He had good stuff,” Eli sez, speaking of Latos. What stuff? “Fastball, slider, curve.” Was any stuff better than any other stuff? “All his stuff was good.” En Español

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OnBase: A Case for Cold Concern

New stadiums bring new money to baseball owners. When the rubes from Wall Street strutted into town in 1959, they expected a big new stadium. They got one – stuck in one of the worst places on Earth to play baseball. Game 2 ended with Padres 5, Giants 2.En Español

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