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Franklin Square. Photo courtesy of Recreation and Parks

Franklin Square Field Reopens After Facelift

San Francisco’s Franklin Square field is open again after a four-month facelift, the Recreation and Parks Department reports. The synthetic turf field was originally completed in 2003. Though turf can be played on in all weather and doesn’t need to “rest,” the field saw heavy use and after 13 years, needed renovation. The Recreation and Parks department not only removed...
Wall of empathy at 16th BART station.  Photo by Lola M. Chavez

Notes of Post-Election Empathy Adorn BART Station Walls

Amidst the morning rush, commuters are stopping at the 16th and Mission BART plaza to leave messages of empathy and mutual support for each other in the wake of a turbulent election season that saw Donald Trump clinch the presidency. Muriel MacDonald is one of the organizers of the “Wall of Empathy,” a participatory art project at 16th Street, 24th...
Photo by Lola M. Chavez

Troubled Public Plaza Will Be Fenced Off To Divert Homeless

Plans for installing a fence around McCoppin Hub, a public plaza that has become a hangout for some of the city’s homeless, are underway with construction set to begin as early as next month. In a collaboration between various city agencies including Public Works and the Department of Public Health, a contractor is expected to deliver a final proposal and...
Peephole Cinema Orange Alley Films Among Echoes

Peephole Cinema in SF Mission Offers Eye-Sized Viewing

In a time when movie lovers can get their fix anywhere — from iPhones to surround sound theaters — Laurie O’Brien has found a different way to screen films. Peephole Cinema displays silent films, each a few minutes in length, 24/7 through tiny peepholes in public spaces. O’Brien, the founder, established the first location in 2013 in the wall of...
Rendering of one option for fencing McCoppin Hub Plaza. The fence's final design has not yet been finalized. Image courtesy of San Francisco Public Works

McCoppin Hub Will Be Fenced to Keep Out Homeless

After years of community meetings to get McCoppin Hub Plaza just right, plans have been set in motion to fence in the year-old space whenever it has no planned event. Though it will likely take six months or more to put up the fences – the designs have not yet been finalized – Supervisor Jane Kim said at a community meeting...

Mission Eyes: 4/20 in Dolores

While Hippie Hill was crowded with revelers and getting trashed, Dolores Park was a haven for more laid-back cannabis consumers yesterday. It looked like it does on any other afternoon when Mission Local rolled up, but as the nominal hour approached, the park did fill with people and puffs of smoke. At 4:20 sharp, a cheer went up. Wafels were eaten,...
Illustration by Claudia Escobar.

Dolores Park Follies: Malicious Hammock

In the most recent episode of Parks enforcement drama at Dolores Park, we’re learning about the destructive power of inappropriate napping. Michael Libertin, a three-year San Francisco and former Mission district resident, was enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon in a hammock he had slung between two trees when he was issued a citation under Parks Code 4.05, which prohibits “malicious defacement, damage or destruction...
File photo.

A $100,000 Joyride In Dolores Park

Dolores Park’s renovation has been plagued by delays and unforeseen roadblocks that include costly vandalism, but nothing on the scale of what happened this weekend. Recreation and Parks Department director Phil Ginsburg reported Thursday that two young vandals (“two idiots,” he called them) broke into the construction site on the north end of Dolores Park, hot-wired a construction vehicle, did some...

Ritual Coffee Finally Gets Its Parklet

The Afternoon Report is back from the holidays! Here is today’s:  Parklets are coveted features, but they often create controversy. Some argue that there are too many parklets in the Mission. Still, the businesses that plan them are convinced that they’re cool. The controversy lies in parklets prioritizing pedestrians over cars on streets already notorious for difficult parking. Not to mention their tendency to attract taggers,...

Mission Streetscape Workshop

Residents weigh in on projects designed to improve Mission District streetscapes. By STEFANIA ROUSSELLE