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Photo by Marta Franco

New Online Resource for San Francisco Families

SFKids.org, the city’s primary online resource for parents, turned 10 this year, to celebrate it’s getting a new look. The San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF) released a revamped version of the site today. With the changes, DCYF aims to enhance engagement with a broader swath of San Francisco’s families.The site hopes to reach more underserved...

No News, Not Good News for John O’Connell Parents

By ALLISON DAVIS Parents lined up outside of Room 201, awaiting the news with the gravity of a patient awaiting a medical diagnosis. As they exited after receiving updates on their child’s grades, attendance and behavior after the first few weeks at John O’Connell High, it was clear that the results were mixed. Some, with silent children in tow, kept...