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The class at Asociation Mayab in the Mission is a mix of different ages and cultural backgrounds. On a recent Saturday, two Mission Local reporters stopped by the Asociacion Mayab to see the class. Photo by Laia Gordi.

Maya Interpreters Trained to Open Doors to a Culture

Have you ever heard the Maya language spoken in San Francisco? If not, listen to our audio story to the right. It will open your ears to a little-known language spoken by thousands of people in the city – but rarely discussed outside its cultural community. San Francisco is a hub of Maya language and culture, and one of the most densely...
Roberto Hernandez outside of Galeria de la Raza waits in line for traditional Mayan food served by a food truck.

Talking Cars and Culture With Roberto Hernandez

Roberto Hernandez, head of the San Francisco Lowrider Council, turned the ritual of Saturday night cruising on Mission Street into a statement of cultural identity. He is more than just a lowrider, however; he is also deeply involved with the community’s youth, teaching them about their Mayan ancestry through art and painting lowrider cars. Some of his students’ paintings are...
Chef Sonia Escalante teaches a class on how to cook a Mayan entree at the Mayan Festival at City College on Friday. Photo courtesy of Mayan Festival.

Mayan Festival Celebrates a Growing Culture

If you wanted to ask a Mayan whether or not the world will end on Dec. 21 — as the Mayan apocalypse myth has it — you would have to no look further than one of a growing number of Mayan restaurants in the Mission. San Francisco’s Mayan population, a diverse group of people from the Yucatan Peninsula with their own culture and language, has...