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Essential Memory: Helping children find a home in the United States

Lily Macia opened the door of the Women’s Building to say goodbye to a mother and father who had finished their fingerprinting appointment, a process required for sponsors to reunite with minors who have crossed the border.

Many of the sponsors Macia works with have been successfully reunited with the minors, but one particularly challenging story was of a Guatemalan mother who was never able to reunite with her daughter.

The mother was 52-years-old, and came from Guatemala with very little money a month before her children. She came to the Women’s Building on 18th Street in the Mission to fill out the sponsorship paperwork to reunite with her 6-year-old daughter and 16-year old son. Working to escape gang violence in her home country, she had sacrificed almost all her money to pay for the dangerous passage across the border for her family, with hopes to create a better life in the United States.