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Good Morning Mission!

It’s 7:21, 53 ° going up to 61 ° and somehow it feels like it will be warmer – at least in the Mission!

Angry Parker

SF Weekly has those photos for you.

The arrival of the private patios. Two restaurants on Valencia Street – so far – are taking advantage of the new and wider sidewalk.

Cafe Luna and Fritz’s had their out door diners. See photos at the full post.

Check back later in the day for even more photos of Carnaval.

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Good Morning Mission!

7:01 a.m. and 53 ° going up to 69 ° – a perfect day for Carnaval

Reminder that a good map is here.

Bike valet by the SF Bike Coalition is here.

I hear there’s going to be dancing at The Stable on Folsom near 17th Street when the parade passes nearby.

And, if you want to freshen up on Carnaval history you can read this.

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Good Morning Mission!

It’s 53 ° and feels like the sun could top the promised 67 °

Good thing because it’s CARNAVAL Weekend. Hop on your bike, cause traffic’s a bear and the San Francisco Bike Coalition will be running valet bike parking for today and tomorrow’s Carnaval celebrations from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Treat and 18th Streets

Update on Mission Murder

Roger Pacheco-Paz plead not guilty Friday to one count of murder in the case of Luis Montoya, a homeless man, who was found dead early Monday morning outside the Prita Hotel at 2280 Mission St, KTVU reported.

Barbecue Tuesdays – on Monday

When you’re done celebrating and want to kick back on Memorial Day, SF Eater reports that the Mission Beach Cafe at 14th and Guerrero will preview its Tuesday night summer barbecue menu on Monday.

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