Race to Pier 39


It’s holiday time here in the Mission, and you know what that means: relatives visiting from out of town. Whether they come from Calabasas or Corpus Christi, the tourist’s to-do list doesn’t always include our neighborhood’s wide variety of murals and bars.Sometimes people would rather see (gasp!) Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf.

In anticipation of a holiday season spent playing tacky tour guide, Mission Local has the solution. A race, in which we determine which mode of transportation gets you in and out of there the fastest, on a weekend, in the afternoon. We decided to pit an automobile against a bicycle, mass transit, and roller skates – anything goes in SanFrancisco.

Our contestants met in the Mission Local newsroom, and when the race began at 1:40p.m. they drove, cycled and skated to the gigantoid Christmas tree and equally gigantoid presents in front of Pier 39. A couple of ground rules were set, of course. No speeding.No running red lights. No parking in paid lots – unless you had to. And in honor of the holiday season, everyone dressed in their finest Santa accoutrements.

As for the results, well… you’ll just have to click on the video to find out who won!

map legend

Four reporters race to pier 39


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