You’re never too big for a mentor

Johnny Travis, 34, Faze Apparel

In a gated-window store with rows of clothing racks lining the sides, Johnny gazed at a display of shirts, phone cases, wallets, and bandannas
Johnny is one of the two founders of Faze, a brand that’s been around for 10 years and in the Mission for five years: “We’re not just a typical retail store where we have a bunch of different brands, a majority of the stuff in here is our brand. When we first started we were selling on consignment out of a few stores here in the Mission.”
Then they decided to open their own.
“Anytime you go from being primarily an online business, to having a brick and mortar location, that’s always a huge jump. That’s the biggest challenge, like being able to have a store, and pay the bills, and making enough to be able to pay your bills out of your store.” Johnny said.
“A lot of people have an idea but a lot of people are scared to execute on those ideas,” he said.
His advice: “Soak in information from someone that can take you under their wing, don’t be too big for a mentor.”

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