“My parents never trusted Los Angeles after that”

Elisa Nguyen, 17

Elisa was sitting on the steps of a house, enjoying the view of the passive Cumberland street.
“My mom came from Korea to California in like the 60’s, my dad was from Korea also but was living in Los Angeles,” she said, “Guess where they lived?” It was Koreatown.
“Yep, they were smack in the center of the chaos when the Rodney King stuff started,” Elisa said, pointing to the center of her hand before clapping them together, “They got looted twice in one night, then again the next night, so that was pretty bad for them.”
Elisa said her parents left LA in 1995 and got married here. “I have never been to Los Angeles. I ask my parents if I could ever go, they still think it’s all bad or something,” she said, and laughed, “But that’s not my dream place, I don’t have one. Maybe Korea or something.”
“I think people just need to relax, like I’m not trying to sound all corny or say something deep, I just think relax,” she said, then stared off into Dolores Park, “I’m dead serious. I don’t think I can get specific about it.”

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  1. marc salomon

    People decide to move to neighborhoods populated by people who have been systematically excluded from first class citizenship and participation in the economy and are shocked, shocked, when these existing residents rebel against that by targeting newcomers who they feel have leap frogged over them?

    Riots in Korea are LEGENDARY in their pyrotechnics.


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