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Covid Tracker: 8053 cases, 69 deaths

Good morning Mission. And welcome to Virus Village, your daily data dump. During the UCSF Grand Rounds yesterday, there were discussions on “herd immunity,”cheap fast testing and healthcare worker stories.  “Herd immunity” is a term which has been thrown around without much care during the pandemic. In a nuanced and intelligent conversation, Dr. Trevor Bedford […]

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Covid Tracker: 7326 cases, 64 deaths

Good morning Mission. And welcome to Virus Village, your daily data dump. More on the fog of numbers. San Francisco’s Department of Public Health announced yesterday that due to the glitch in the state’s reporting system for test results, it would “pause” in reporting contact tracing metrics. Although delays and undereporting impact what contact tracing […]

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Covid Tracker: 6575 cases, 59 deaths

Good morning Mission. And welcome to Virus Village, your daily data dump. Last fall, the Global Health Index released a chart showing which countries were best and worst to respond to a pandemic outbreak. Coming in first place was the United States! (Whoo Hoo!!). Second was the United Kingdom. So much for modeling excercises. So […]

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Covid Tracker: 115 new cases, 1 new death.

Good morning Mission. And welcome to Virus Village, your daily data dump. If you haven’t already, I urge you to read Madison’s article on the UCSF Grand Rounds. Yesterday afternoon’s episode included conversations with docs from Miami, Atlanta and Houston. Yes, things are bad, and they aren’t getting much better. But the real import of […]

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Grupo de Trabajo Latino emerge para enfrentar al COVID-19

Traducción por: Neus Valencia En un vecindario que rápidamente cerró sus negocios y parecía abandonado para finales de marzo, resultaba difícil no preguntarse qué pasaría con la gran población de inmigrantes en el Distrito de la Misión. Niñeras, albañiles y pequeños empresarios que estaban desempleados o que se aventuraban a ir a trabajar a los […]

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San Francisco Summer camp is on — in “pods” of 12

San Francisco’s summer camps and programs for six to 17-year-olds can reopen on June 15, Mayor London Breed announced today. And to limit viral transmission, children will be associating in “pods” of 12 over three-week summer camp sessions.  “Depending on what space a camp uses, a camp may be able to have only one pod […]

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Dolores Park fills up late Friday, as health experts at UCSF town hall warn of the dangers

It’s Friday night and Dolores Park is full: groups are playing frisbee, breaking open  six-packs, sipping wine in a glass.  “The mayor will get wind of this,” said Police Officer A. Richmond, who was standing on Dolores Street getting ready to head back to her patrol car.  The mayor on Monday threatened to close Dolores […]

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Census tract where massive COVID-19 testing will occur has a high concentration of immigrant workers

The Mission District census tract where public officials will begin a widespread COVID-19 testing campaign this week has the highest concentration of Latino residents in the city, according to the American Community Survey.  Some 58 percent of the residents are Latino in Census Tract 229.01 — a rectangular expanse that runs from 23rd to Cesar […]