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UCSF Grand Rounds: Vaccine Nationalism, Allocation, and Trust

Understanding the complexities of vaccine development, manufacturing, distribution and uptake in the middle of a global pandemic is a difficult task—even without a 75-minute time limit. Add to this discussion what UCSF Grand Rounds moderator Dr. Bob Wachter called a “dizzying presidential campaign” and “issues of diplomacy and equity,” and the outlook becomes unclear. A […]

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UCSF Grand Rounds: Regional Covid-19 updates, low mortality rates and a molecular PPE

Oh, to be in the days when all we were dealing with was the triple pandemic of Covid-19, economic turmoil and systemic racism. As massive wildfires rage across California, Oregon and Washington, two beams of hope broke through the suffocating smoke in Thursday’s UCSF Grand Rounds: in Department of Medicine chair Bob Wachter’s words, California’s […]

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UCSF Grand Rounds: Harvard expert Jha says U.S. response spelled failure

Dr. Ashish Jha, the director of Harvard’s Global Health Institute, does some 20 to 25 interviews a day on health policy. In this week’s UCSF Grand Rounds with Dr. Bob Wachter, Jha dug into the nuances of publicly discussing the pandemic, the nation’s shortcomings in response to the coronavirus, and what the United States needs […]

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UCSF Grand Rounds tackles the questions of COVID-19 transmission and prevention with masks, face shields

Today, moderator Dr. Bob Wachter kicked off Grand Rounds with two questions that for months have preoccupied everyone from the world’s top epidemiologists to the humble grocery store clerk: How does the coronavirus spread, and what are the most effective ways of stopping it from spreading?  To answer these questions about a virus that “continues […]

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UCSF Medical Grand Rounds talks treatments and lingering symptoms

Today’s hefty Grand Rounds discussion may have been harder to follow for viewers of the popular series who do not have a medical background or are unfamiliar with medical jargon. Still, it offered important information for those willing to look up terms like “fantasmia” or what, exactly, dexamethasone is.  Chock-full of various studies surrounding COVID-19 […]

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El evento Medical Grand Rounds de la UCSF deja de lado el tema científico para discutir sin rodeos el tema racial

Traducción por: Neus Valencia La conversación del evento Grand Rounds fue muy diferente a las anteriores: no hubo presentaciones de diapositivas, jerga médica, no se mencionaron las diversas investigaciones acerca de los últimos estudios de vacunas ni las pruebas de anticuerpos. En el contexto de las protestas por la brutalidad policial y el homicidio de […]

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UCSF Medical Grand Rounds drops the science and goes straight to race

This week’s Grand Rounds conversation — yes, conversation — looked starkly different from its predecessors: no slideshows, no medical jargon, no outpouring of research on the latest vaccine trials or antibody tests. With the backdrop of protests over police brutality and the killing of George Floyd, that would not do. Instead, Dr. Bob Wachter, chair […]

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Evento Medical Grand Rounds de la UCSF: Pacientes de edad avanzada y el dilema sobre la frecuencia con que se deben realizar pruebas los trabajadores

Traducción por: Anabelle Garay El jueves por la tarde, la mesa redonda de los expertos de UCSF inició con un tono solemne, debido al hecho de que las muertes causadas por COVID-19 en el país superaron las 100,000 esa semana. La cifra equivale al número de personas que podrían llenar un enorme estadio deportivo y […]