Mission Murals

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Mission Murals

Photos by George Lipp and text by Jamie Goldberg

Posted January 24, 2012

The Mission is full of Murals – some temporary, artistic creations that will be replaced with new innovative visions, others iconic, pieces of art that have become emblems of the Mission.

George Lipp, a writer and photographer living in the Mission, found himself drawn to them; their play with existing structures; their stories.

“They are one place where all walks of life meet with one common objective – to create art,” he said.

Five years ago, Lipp started to photograph street art, recognizing the temporary life of so many of the murals and hoping to “record this changing show.” As he wandered the corridors of the Mission, he realized the massiveness of the project.

Mission Loc@l has compiled his collection of photographs into a slideshow showing the locations of the murals. We do not claim to have recorded every mural in the Mission and have included both current murals and some that have been retired.

That’s where you come in. We want to you to tell us, which murals have been retired, artists’ names – even for those unsigned.

If you know something about a mural’s story we’ll add that and credit you however you’d like.

If you have your own photographs of murals we’ve missed please send them.

You can post information in the comments section or you can send it to us with a subject line MURALS to missionlocal@gmail.com.


  1. Great compliation and nice photos! Thanks for putting this together.

  2. This is simply awesome! Thanks so much for doing it! There are a few I never noticed before!

    Ours, the triceratops mural behind our parklet, is now gone – it was only a temporary construction wall, but our triceratops succulent sculpture & triceratops are still there!

  3. Mlocal

    This is really great! Thank you for doing this

  4. nora roman

    Does anyone know anything about the destruction of Juana Alicia’s mural on Mission near 21st (the one with the kid stopping all the bayonets) around the day of the dead? also, the same person/s destroyed the newer mural on 21st….anyone out there with any contact with these folks should let them know how awful what they did is…..can we get together and clean them?

  5. Francisco Navarro

    Very nice. It is like a Mission art portfolio reflecting the spirit of their community t I can go and see specific murals if they are around. I hope that Mission Local keep updating the portfolio..

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