Q&A with Leef Smith – Owner of Mission: Comics and Art;Mission Local Business Contributor

3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94110
 (415) 695-1545

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   Leef Smith talks about his business

Mission: Comics and Art started about 5 years ago. After the older comic book shops in the neighborhood had closed, I had been saying for a couple years that “someone” should open a new comic shop. And then when I got laid off and wasn’t sure what to do next, I thought maybe that “someone” could be me. I really wanted to create the kind of store that I wanted to shop at, one that was open, inclusive and inviting, one that connected to our rich artist community and one that celebrated the diversity and wealth of creative talent in the Mission, and in San Francisco. Beyond the deep selection of mainstream and Indie comic books, we also have a dedicated gallery space and do art shows inspired and informed by comic books.
What have you learned since you opened up shop in the Mission?
Even with a long history as a comic fan, I’ve learned even more about the history and the diversity of comics from my customers. I’ve also learned more about our own comics creators community here and the long and rich history of comics in the Mission.
What do you love about the neighborhood?
I love a lot of the things about the Mission that I love about San Francisco as a whole, our diversity, our tolerance, and our celebration outcasts, misfits and creative folk. La Taqueria has been a family favorite for over 35 years now, and there’s been a whole litany of restaurants I’ve loved, some long gone, some just opened. I love our street art and our murals. I love the somber processional of Dia de los Muertos. I love the small village life of the people and families that makes this home, and the raw excitement of newcomers falling in love of what we have here. I love the blend of people from all over the world and people whose families have lived here for generations. Yeah, there’s a lot to love.
What made you decide to support Mission Local?
I decided to support Mission Local because I value this kind of neighborhood news that helps build community, is a valuable resource and helps document our history of change. I also see it as valuable to way to say I care about the neighborhood, take a supportive role, and “be the change I want to see” in the Mission.

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