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The Scarlet Sage Herb Co.: Italian Witchcraft Night

October 31, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

There are 3 parts to Italian magic: organic matter, actions, and secret words.

In this workshop we’ll explore some essential herbs used in Italian magic, learn their properties, discuss their identifying marks, and gain the key to knowing which ones are right for you in order to: make a traditional devotional incense, create a spell of protection against spirit attachments, and to ask for clarity in divination.

You’ll be shown a natural altar while you learn how to activate it to listen to the divine feminine, learning a sacred prayer of invocation asking for alignment.

And end our night by experiencing the power of secret words as Trance Medium Karyn Crisis uses ancient invocations to the Goddesses: Aradia, Diana, Isis, Hekate, Cibele and Demeter, to guide us on a meditative journey to the moon and back down into the earth to dance with our ancestors during this special time of year when the veil is thin.

About the teacher:
Karyn Crisis is a Spirit Medium, communicating with and giving messages from the Spirit World of Goddesses and Guides.

She is an author and a teacher of Mediumship and channeling. Her personal partnership her Spirit world team has guided her towards historical reclamation through anthropological documentation of women in Italy who are part of Lineage practices. She’s been guided to research and reclaim these pre-pagan feminine curative practices of Italy.

She’s the author of “Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women Volume 1,” which gives a groundbreaking insider experiential view and an historical perspective to the largely unknown world of Italy’s Lineage healers and untangles these practices from paganism and magic.

Karyn’s currently writing “Volume 2”, and by the time this event takes place she’ll have returned from another research journey into the historical remains of Goddess secrets in Italy’s remote mountaintops and villages, enigmatic sites such as the Etruscan pyramid, the kitchens of Lineage healers, and private meetings with people of secret traditional practices. Since returning from her second research trip in Italy in 2016, Karyn has been handed down two Lineage practices which she demonstrates at her traveling lectures and workshops.

About the workshop:

• Date: October 31st, 7-9pm
• Location: The Scarlet Sage Herb Co, 1193 Valencia St, San Francisco
• Cost: $49

More information on our website:
Italian Witchcraft Night with Karyn Crisis – October 31st, 7pm-9pm


October 31, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Scarlet Sage Herb Co.
1193 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110 United States
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