Photo by Hélène Goupil

Campos to Introduce Legislation Against Evictions

District 9 Supervisor David Campos gave a glimmer of hope to activists and residents protesting recent evictions in the Mission District telling Mission Local on Saturday night that he plans to introduce legislation “in the next few days,” that would offer incentives “against the Ellis Act” evictions. “I think we are facing an affordability crisis, a displacement crisis and we...
Betabrand, at 780 Valencia Street

VIDEO: Betabrand

From cordarounds, bomber jacket hoodies, to pinstriped-fleeced blazers, Betabrand offers up some of the most eclectic threads on Valencia Street today.  Here, Mission Local takes a closer look at the “crowd-built clothing company” that grew from a once online-only brand to opening its first retail storefront in May 2013. Betabrand 780 Valencia Street (800) 694-9491  
Suspect arrested at 22nd and Mission after allegedly starting a fight on a MUNI bus.

Man Arrested After Allegedly Threatening to Kill Muni Passengers

A man was arrested Saturday morning for allegedly starting a fight on a bus, threatening passengers and smashing a bus window in anger. Muni bus driver, Maurice Dunn, stopped the bus at 22nd and Mission streets and called the police shortly before noon. The suspect “was on the bus, some other man said he bumped into him and that’s all...
Bernal Cutlery owner Josh Donald, 40, has been sharpening knives professionally for 15 years.

VIDEO: Bernal Cutlery Sharpens Up

Originally opened in 2005 in Bernal Heights, Bernal Cutlery relocated to the Mission in May 2013. Owner Josh Donald, 40, uses a time-intensive and traditional Japanese whetstone method to sharpen knives and avoids what he calls the “quick and dirty grinder” method. Bernal Cutlery will offer classes on Japanese whetstone sharpening, western knife sharpening to basic knife sharpening for kids through October. Visit...
Capp Street between 16th and 17th, dark street with people and streetlamp

Turning On Capp Street’s Lights

During the day, Capp Street between 16th and 24th streets is chock-a-block with tidy and not-so-well-kept triple-deckers, aging apartment buildings, a few churches, community centers and commercial buildings. Most residents are off to work in the mornings, lending the street a relatively tranquil and sleepy air. But three or four hours after the sun goes down, Capp Street transforms. Pimps, prostitutes and...
Two double-parked vehicles force a bus to change lanes on Mission Street.

Supervisors Seek Cure for Double-Parking ‘Epidemic’

After waiting 20 minutes on the J streetcar because of a double-parked delivery truck, District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener stepped out to investigate. He found the offending delivery truck driver, four streetcars backed up and another issue to add to his list of needed transportation work. At a hearing on double-parking at the Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic...
Chart by Dorothy Atkins

San Francisco Evictions Up Sharply

While the eviction cases of artist René Yañez  and the Lee family have underscored the pressures on San Francisco tenants, the numbers show that their stories have become increasingly common. Trying to stay in a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco is simply becoming more difficult and with real estate prices booming, that’s unlikely to change. Landlords have several legal means to evict...
Illustration by Courtney Quirin.

Clinics Expect Big Benefit from Obamacare

As enrollment for the Affordable Care Act kicks off today, local health officials say that not only can uninsured patients in the Mission District expect better coverage, their clinics will make more money. “It’s going to drastically change our ability to provide services and be financially stable,” said Dawn Harbatkin, executive director and medical director for Lyon-Martin Health Services on...
Police Car

Crime Recap: Man Takes Beating for Girlfriend

A 32-year-old man paid a steep price for chivalry early Saturday morning: a suspect beat him repeatedly in the head with a metal rod. Around 2 a.m., the suspect approached the man and his girlfriend near the intersection of 16th and Valencia streets and began making “inappropriate sexual remarks” to the woman, San Francisco police spokesman Albie Esparza said. The...
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Families Organize to Find Missing Sons

Five families, whose sons have been reported missing, including one who lived in the Mission District, want city officials to consider making May 21 a day to remember missing persons in San Francisco. On Saturday, the relatives gathered for a vigil at Golden Gate Park’s Music Concourse to bring renewed attention to their children’s cases. “We can’t find them unless...
Michelle Tea at the screening of her film The Valencia: Movie/s at Adobe Books on Thursday. Photo by Emily Gibson.

Remembering Valencia Street

Dressed in a tight, grey skirt suit, the author Michelle Tea appears in her new movie mimicking a real estate agent, speaking excitedly and obnoxiously into a giant, antiquated cellphone, “The neighborhood is really nice, there are artists!” The scene is perhaps the only one where we actually see Tea in her film Valencia: The Movie/s. Instead, Tea’s character is depicted...
Harrison Street, 2010. Photo by Ted Pushinsky.

Photos Include 1980s in the Mission

Mission photographer Ted Pushinsky shows us the neighborhood through the years and takes a few minutes to chat with us. Mission Local: How did you get into photography? Ted Pushinsky: When I was about 9 or 10 years old, my grand-aunt, who painted and printed her own photographs, took me to the Museum of Modern Art to walk me through...