Stop! Ask.


A Journey to Her Past in Four Months, Two Wheels

Jill Contreras, winner of a scholarship from the Chicana Latina Foundation, is about to embark on a bicycle ride that will retrace her parents’ journeys from their native countries of Guatemala and El Salvador. As a youth educator and professional cyclist, Contreras decided to use the bicycle as a way to rediscover herself. With seven others, she created a collective...

Stop! Ask. Two-Wheeled Delivery Man

Stop! Ask is a Mission Loc@l feature that does exactly what it says: when something looks particularly interesting, we stop and ask, “What the heck is going on?” It was a sunny day and I was enjoying a sandwich while chatting with a friend on the bench outside Rhea’s. Joey overheard us mention the Tenderloin and immediately interjected with some anecdotes...

Stop! Ask. Hidden Paradise Cafe

Stop! Ask. is a new Mission Loc@l feature that does exactly what it says. We stop when something looks particularly interesting and just ask what the heck is going on. So I’m walking from home to the office, collecting photos for the Today’s Mission rail, and catch the OPEN sign on 22nd. It’s nice, red, and inside there’s a new...