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Today’s Mission

Texting and BFFs

We know the news of the Haiti earthquake is horrific to everyone but it maybe hits even closer to home for those who live in earthquake-land. Earthquakes are especially fresh in our mind because the Haiti quake came only days...

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Permanent Pink Popcorn

San Francisco restaurants and foodies are coming together to do their part in Haitian relief efforts. Tonight: Evil Jerk Cart will be at The Blue Macaw from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Stow Lake...

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Cash Cab: Now Without the Cash or Cab!

If you’re like me, you think Cash Cab is one of the greatest ideas ever. And if you’re like me, you’re probably sad that you’re not constantly hailing taxi vans with your friends in New York for a chance to show off all your...

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The New Phone Books Are Here!

Mission Local reporter Vanessa Carr today passed word of another mass Muni proof of payment fare ticketing at 16th and Mission, according to her about a dozen officers were enforcing a “zero tolerance policy,”...

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Bottomless Grievances & Complaints

“To contribute further to the litany of grievances and complaints…” I wasn’t sure exactly what the young gentleman walking in front of me was referring to, but he could have been talking about pretty much anything. He could have...

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Outlets, Voids, & Cuban Son

With expired Christmas trees still piling up on the streets of the Mission, it’s evident that things from the past in need of fixing will undoubtedly follow us into 2010. The Bay Bridge might be left untouched for the moment,...

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Beer + Bikes + Sausages

While Gestalt Haus still stands, some of the crew have apparently cut ties and gone to set up their own bar way up in Fairfax, the Marin Independent Journal reports. Basically the new place boils down to this – beer + bike...

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