Monday, April 6, 2020 | Temperature:
San Francisco, CA
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Today’s Mission

Like Mixtapes, but Tastier

Housing – Cheap and Not-so-cheap The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most expensive places to live in the country, according to a study by the Urban Land Institute. Not only the next hot condo on Valencia but even...

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MUNI Mash-up!

CAFE LA BOHEME 6 A.M.  Good Morning Mission District!  53 °, clear, partly cloudy with showers predicted for the P.M. $10K Scholarships for College-Bound Students 826 Valencia is at it again: our flame, our hope, our conscience...

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Famous Chef Beaten By Burrito Boyz

CAFE LA BOHEME 6 A.M.  Good Morning Mission District!  51° with light fog in the Mission; heavy-looking elsewhere. And the Winner is . . . Papalote — Miguel and Victor Escobedo!  Challenged by Iron Chef Bobby Flay to a...

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A Medical Miracle in California?

En Español CAFE LA BOHEME 6 A.M.   Good Morning Mission District!  51 ° F with a thick low fog.  Go for it Fog People!  As Glenna sez, “God only knows what we’re going to get in the summer.” Too Foggy for a Flu...

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The Mission Blossoms

En Español CAFE LA BOHEME 6 A.M.    Good Morning Mission District! Current temperature at 24th and Mission is a densely fogged 52 degrees Fahrenheit.  Mostly like yesterday they say,which was a perfect day to take in the...

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The End of Love

En Español CAFE LA BOHEME  6 A.M.          Good Morning Mission District! The current temperature at 24th and Mission is a calm 53 degrees Farenheit.  Outlook today from the government is fog, lifting for clouds, breaking for...

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Today’s a day that separates the thinkers from the doers, the boyfriend from the booty-call, the truly unconcerned from those who only feign at playing cool. To kick things off, if you still need a Valentine’s Day,...

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Pantsless Gentrification

Leave the Pants at Home The 6th Annual Valentine’s Day Underwear party kicks off tonight at the Knockout. Billed as the “best semi-nude dance party” one can only hope that it kicks off nearly as much blogger...

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What To Do

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