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SF Pride in full swing as Dyke March kicks off in Dolores Park (Update)

Follow us on Twitter and  Instagram, where you can see all our coverage of Pride weekend. (Scroll down for updates throughout the day.)  San Francisco’s Pride celebration was in full swing as a sea of tens of thousands of revelers filled Dolores Park and the surrounding area on a balmy, 75-degree Saturday afternoon. At 5 p.m. Saturday, […]

GLBT History Museum: Introducing the Dyke March Oral History Project

The Dyke March Oral History Project is a newly created audiovisual collaboration between the GLBT Historical Society and the San Francisco Dyke March. The project aims to capture and preserve the diverse experiences of dykes and queer folks from all communities at the Dyke March. This event will introduce the project and raise funds for […]

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Trans and Dyke Marches look to keep space, keep pushing ahead

In progressive San Francisco, space for LGBTQ residents continues to shrink, so as Pride enters its 47th celebration, “holding space” is key, say advocates. Two of those events –  the Dyke March, in its 25th year, and the Trans March, in its 13th year – take place in the Mission District this weekend, where space […]

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Protesters of New Dyke March Return to Old Route (updated)

Unhappy with the re-routing of the Dyke March on Saturday evening, some in attendance defied the changes and followed the old route. Later, others also celebrated at the now closed Lexington Club, a decision that put the participants at odds with police, according to police and neighbors. The splinter protest – known as “Take Back the Dyke […]

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Rainbows, Robots and Holy Matrimony at Dyke March

Dolores Park filled with thousands of lesbians, women and allied men on Saturday as San Francisco celebrated the annual Dyke March or what one visitor called “the greatest show on earth.” “…Better than the circus,” said Julie Nichols who was traveled from Alameda to spend the day in the park with visitors wearing rainbow flags, tutus and body […]

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Dykes on Bikes Wins Fourteen Year Battle

When the Supreme Court ruled 8-0 earlier this month that the U.S  Patent Trademark Office could not prevent an Asian American rock group from registering The Slants because it viewed the trademark as offensive, Dykes on Bikes celebrated. It too could finally lead the Dyke March with a registered trademark. “This really happened! It’s finally […]