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Striking new mural of Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, MLKJ, Mother Teresa is funded by one of Mission’s most detested landlords, Kaushik Dattani

Writing about a new mural going up in the Mission is a bit like pulling a rabbit from a rabbit hutch. But the new mural unveiled last month at Mission and 22nd is eye-catching, even in this corner of San Francisco that nearly manages to have more murals than walls. It’s a large and striking […]

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Tenants’ Ellis Eviction Quashed in Court, For Now

Tenants Patricia Kerman and Thomas Rapp, longtime tenants on 20th and Folsom streets who have been fighting an Ellis Act eviction since February 2012, had an unusual victory in court this morning. Steve Collier, the tenants’ lawyer, argued in court that the eviction notice at their apartment building on 20th Street had not been properly served and therefore […]

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Allies Protest as Tenant Hopes for Reprieve in Eviction (update)

About 30 protesters gathered at 5 p.m. Wednesday on 22nd and Bartlett outside the office of “serial evictor” landlord Kaushik Dattani. The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project lists Dattani as one of the “Dirty Dozen” landlords known for flipping properties for profit. The march happened on what would have been Patricia Kerman’s eviction day. Kerman is one of the tenants who […]

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Ellis Act Protesters Take to the Streets Again

About 20 protesters rallied Thursday afternoon against Kaushnik Dattani for using the Ellis Act to evict 28-year resident Patricia Kerman and her roommate, 15-year resident Tom Rapp. The protest started at Dattani and Company’s offices on 22nd Street around 2 p.m. and ended at the 24th Street BART Station at 4 p.m. The protesters held picket signs saying “Kaushnik […]

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Protesters Hand Out Leaflets Outside Landlord’s Office

UPDATE: 6:50pm Eviction Free San Francisco started its protest today of the eviction of roommates Patricia Kerman and Thomas Rapp by handing out leaflets outside the landlord’s office on 22nd Street near Bartlett and at the 24th Street Mission BART Station. Most people walking by took the leaflets and a few stopped to express their support. […]