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Rebecca Sherman: Alleged serial forger’s boss was informed of her troubling behavior weeks before scandal broke

A trove of emails and texts obtained by Mission Local reveal that Rebecca Sherman’s boss at the Department of Human Resources was repeatedly informed in August of Sherman’s suspicious and incongruous behavior — as well as an apparent series of lies and misrepresentations Sherman made to an aggrieved city worker. These documents are dated more […]

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Black firefighters’ discrimination suit takes on new light in wake of SF HR scandal

In 2019, marine engineer Lawrence Thomas and firefighter David Hawkins — two members of the minuscule cohort of Black people to ever work on the San Francisco fire boats, a group that could probably fit in a canoe — stood on the steps of San Francisco City Hall.  Hawkins decried “illegalities percolating downward from an ever-corrupt Department […]

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Bombshell: Purported letter from SF’s HR manager Sherman outlines long-running forgery plot

Mission Local has obtained a purported Sept. 11 letter from former San Francisco HR manager Rebecca Sherman, in which she expresses sorrow and outlines a long-running forgery plot culminating in a Black MTA worker being given a bogus $514,000 discrimination settlement Sherman allegedly crafted out of whole cloth.  “I am writing this to you because […]

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San Francisco’s Department of HR, embroiled in scandal, must be investigated — from top to bottom

HR personnel in multiple departments claim city’s Dept. of Human Resources has edited racial grievances out of workers’ complaints   The terms “cinematic” and “Human Resources manager” are not a natural match. But it’s San Francisco in 2020, and this city does provide.   As such, the mayor, every supervisor, and literally hundreds of city employees […]

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DA says he’ll investigate ‘criminal offenses’ in SF’s Department of HR

San Francisco leaders are reeling and pondering the elusive motivation of a so-called “rogue employee” in the city’s Department of Human Resources who is accused of a series of forgeries. In a searing email sent at just after 2 p.m. Friday, longtime Department of Human Resources boss Micki Callahan accused Rebecca Sherman, until recently an […]

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Bombshell: SF HR director claims ‘rogue employee’ forged settlement with Black worker

Mayor London Breed and every member of the Board of Supervisors were among dozens of city leaders to receive a shocking Friday afternoon email from longtime Department of Human Resources director Micki Callahan.  In it, she accused one of her underlings of forging a settlement agreement with a Black San Francisco employee who had brought […]