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President Biden orders 100-percent federal reimbursement for city’s Covid hotels

The shelter-in-place hotels housing San Francisco’s homeless population — which the city was in November moving to empty and close — now stand to be 100-percent funded by the federal government. President Joe Biden on Thursday directed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to completely reimburse cities and states for a slew of emergency services they […]

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Yes, you can blame Trump for the vaccine rollout disaster. But for how long?

If history does indeed repeat itself — first as tragedy, then as farce — what about the third time?  As we witness the schlerotic, chaotic rollout of the Covid vaccine, we’re all going to get a front-row seat. The same crippling errors that marked the botched distributions of PPE and testing appear to be recapitulating themselves now.  […]

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San Francisco and its big healthcare providers pledge to vaccinate every city resident by June 30

The city and its major healthcare providers today committed to inoculating every San Francisco resident with a Covid-19 vaccine by June 30. That ambitious goal came during a hearing on Wednesday called by District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney, amid complaints that the city has lagged behind other municipalities in rolling out mass vaccinations.  So far, […]

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Covid-19 rapid testing at BART Plaza shows higher positivity rates among both Latinx and non-Latinx testers

While citywide positivity rates are just under 5 percent, the Latinx positivity rate at the 24th Street BART Plaza after seven days of testing is 11 percent, while the non-white positivity rate is 6 percent. The high numbers indicate a continuing surge, researchers said. So far, the research and testing campaign led by UCSF and […]