Image from the Access SFUSD Insider Guide.

Guest post from Access SFUSD.

Access SFUSD: The Arc is a community-based program for students 18 to 22 with disabilities. Our motto: San Francisco is the campus!

So, what do you do when most of your campus is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions? You use the restrictions as an opportunity to demonstrate resilience, and find creative new ways to use San Francisco as our classroom.

The Insider Guide gave students and staff at Access a medium to share a piece of their intimate knowledge of San Francisco with the greater community. Students were placed into smaller groups with the task of sharing their personal favorite parts of San Francisco with their peers.

Through visiting the location, taking photos, and doing an editorial style write up, the Insider Guide provided project-based, experiential learning opportunities for students while amplifying their voices. Whether it’s the best place to buy a tasty breakfast pastry or where to go to experience nature, we hope that this guide provides the larger audience with a new lens for viewing our great city!

Kings Bakery

Suggested by: Heidi
Neighborhood: Mission
Address: 1846 Mission St.
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday

About: Kings Bakery is a family-run bakery in the heart of the Mission. They have an assortment of Chinese and Mexican-style pastries. On a budget? Not a problem at Kings Bakery! Their pastries start at 50 cents and go up from there. They offer a selection of sweet and savory pastries, as well as delicious cakes. Bread is baked fresh multiple times per day. Certain pastries, such as French rolls, cocktail buns and hot dog buns are time-stamped so you know when they are hot and fresh!

What I love: Cocktail buns!!!! These delicious hot dog-shaped buns are filled with a sweet filling of coconut and sugar. It is believed that cocktail buns were first created in Hong Kong in the 1950s. The first bakers of the cocktail bun didn’t want to waste food, so turned unsold buns into a new product to be sold. Day-old buns are ground up with sugar and coconut to create a delicious and slightly crunchy mixture and are then wrapped in fresh dough. The name comes from the comparison of a bartender’s mixing of drinks into a “cocktail”. 4 p.m. is a magical time at Kings Bakery, when the fresh cocktail buns are brought out. The warm and gooey filling will leave you wanting more than just one. Get yours while it’s hot to see what all the fuss is about!

Thai Nghiep Ky Mi Ga

Suggested by: Khang
Neighborhood: Outer Sunset
Address: 1427 Noriega St.
Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Monday

About: Thai Nghiep Ky Mi Ga is a Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant that specializes in dry and wet noodles. At this restaurant, all noodles are available as a soup (wet) or served dry with a side of broth (dry). They are known for their braised duck legs. The braised duck is of the Chuichow style, which is uncommon in San Francisco. This restaurant keeps it simple. Want an appetizer? Not gonna happen. Dessert? Sorry. The only thing they offer is their fabulous noodle dishes and drinks. They are also known for their homemade soy milk, traditionally served warm.

What I love: I love the beef satay noodles! They come with tender pieces of beef, thin homemade noodles, a peanut broth, cabbage, cucumber, cilantro, and a slice of tomato. I like mine with soy sauce and chili sauce. One of the best things about this restaurant is their homemade soy milk. It is served warm and slightly sweet, which makes it the perfect ending to your meal. I would like people to come by and try this restaurant, since some of the dishes are very special. You can’t find it at any other restaurants. The atmosphere is comfortable and the settings are spaced and clean.

Urbano Sundial

Suggested by: Bianca
Neighborhood: Ingleside
Address: 51 Entrada Ct.
Hours: 24/7 (Recommended to go during the

About: If you’re looking for one of the more unique tourist attractions in San Francisco, look no further than the Urbano Sundial in Ingleside. The 26-foot-high sundial was created more than 108 years ago, in the year 1913, and is aligned to the summer solstice. Built on the old site of the Ingleside race track, this was a popular destination for horse racing fans. It included large grandstands, a groomed track, clubhouse, and fine dining. This sundial was created to encourage people to live in Ingleside after the race track was no more. Head over for a unique San Francisco experience like no other!

What I love: The quiet location of this unique and relatively unknown landmark makes it a hidden gem. Hidden away in the neighborhood this is a reminder of the San Francisco history that once was. It has a great park that is ideal for an afternoon picnic, taking a break with a good book, or even just enjoying doing some knitting in nature. I give this local outdoor attraction two thumbs up!

Whiz Burger

Suggested by: Andrew
Neighborhood: Mission
Address: 700 South Van Ness Ave.
Hours: 11 a.m. to 8:45 p.m., Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Saturday, noon to 8:45 p.m. Sunday

About: Whiz Burger first opened 1955 and has always been in its original location in the Mission District. This popular burger joint has many outdoor picnic tables, which make it the ideal place for lunch on a sunny day. There is no indoor seating, as the interior is just a kitchen. They used to have stools at the counter, like an old-fashioned diner, but recently all of the stools have disappeared. The Whiz Burger sign used to light up at night, but even with no lights, the Whiz Burger sign, topped with an “Enjoy Coca Cola” sign, lets customers know that they are about to have a great meal!

What I love: My favorite thing to get at Whiz Burger is a malted chocolate milkshake, without whipped cream. I drink it with a straw from a to-go cup. These milkshakes are yummy and creamy. Sometimes as a snack I get the cross-cut fries. The cross-cut fries are crispy, orange, and served piping hot! I think that they are the best cross-cut fries in San Francisco, and other people must agree, because Whiz Burger has been open for 40 years! They also sell burgers, cheeseburgers, sandwiches like tuna melts and Philly cheese steaks, and milkshakes, including one made with fresh bananas. Tuna melts can be messy because there is tuna, mayo, and cheese. I hope that everyone gets a chance to go to Whiz Burger! Whiz Burger is old and, like buried treasure, it gets more valuable with time!

Fancy Wheat Bakery

Suggested by: Kristen
Neighborhood: Visitacion Valley
Address: 2684 San Bruno Ave.
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily

About: Fancy Wheat Bakery is a Chinese bread, cake, and drink factory. They sell savory items such as corn and ham buns, onion hot dog buns, barbecue pork buns, and pork sung rolls. Sweet items include coconut buns, custard buns, black sesame buns, cocktail buns, red bean buns, and more! It is located in the colorful neighborhood of Visitacion Valley. All items are sold at low prices. The employees are fast workers and get your food quickly. Chinese people will visit there to get their favorite traditional snacks, but other people will love it, too!

What I love: What I love the most from Fancy Wheat Bakery is their food, especially the green onion hot dog. Every bite is salty and delicious! The staff is very friendly and nice, and I feel welcomed every time I walk in the door. The bakery has a huge variety of food and something for everyone to try. When you get off the 9 bus at San Bruno Avenue and Bacon Street, the bakery is just steps away, so you don’t need to walk far. Go and enjoy your delicious pastries today!

Reverie Café

Suggested by: Ruby
Neighborhood: Cole Valley
Address: 848 Cole St.
Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

About: Conveniently located right around the corner from the N-train, Reverie Café is a beautiful place that serves brunch, lunch, and dinner. They opened in 2002 and serve breakfast items, baked goods, salads, drinks, sandwiches, and other food. Reverie has a nice seating area inside and an outdoor patio garden with fuchsia bushes, morning glory vines, ferns, and trees beside a calm stream. Their motto is “globally inspired and consciously sourced.” They have vegan and gluten-free options as well. They support the arts and have monthly community events.

What I love: Their cookies are so big and delicious! They also have good rice krispy treats and brownies, all made by hand. The patio is pretty cool and has lots of beautiful plants. We liked the jazz-themed posters that line the walls. Plus, you can enjoy your cookie around the corner with the panda in the dog park! Check out Reverie Café in Cole Valley!

Silver Terrace Athletic Fields

Suggested by: Victor
Neighborhood: Silver Terrace
Address: 1700 Silver Ave.
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

About: Silver Terrace is a large multi-sport park nestled between Highway 101 and the Silver Terrace neighborhood, located at Thornton Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard. The facilities include a new artificial turf athletic field with grandstands for soccer and baseball, basketball courts, a tennis court, slides, swings, and climbing structures. Bathrooms are also available. No dogs are allowed on the athletic fields.

What I love: The park is beautiful and clean. The athletic fields have lots of local games from soccer to baseball to cricket. There is plenty of room for socially distanced walking and running. It is a very relaxed setting. There are nice bleachers with plenty of seating. A gentleman was listening to some music quietly and there was enough space for him to do so without bothering others. The surrounding neighborhood was sunny and peaceful. Local residents were running and walking around or walking their dogs outside of the athletic fields. I recommend visiting to enjoy the fresh San Francisco air and the lovely athletic space.

Stop N Wrap

Suggested by: Paola
Neighborhood: Excelsior
Address: 1217 Geneva Ave.
Hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily

About: Stop N Wrap is a restaurant serving breakfast and brunch in the Excelsior neighborhood. Angel Nieves has been running it for the past five years. They serve breakfast foods, sandwiches, coffee, espresso, crepes, smoothies, salads, and other items. They make a really good breakfast sandwich with cream cheese, eggs, and bacon.

What I love: I really love the smoothies that they sell. I often stop by after church with friends, get meals, and hang out. It has a very relaxed atmosphere. The staff are very people-friendly and get along with everyone. Their sandwiches are delicious. They always use fresh ingredients. They offer vegan milk alternatives as well as cow’s milk for the smoothies. They also have a number of vegetarian and low-carb options.

Wing Lee Bakery

Suggested by: Cindy
Neighborhood: Richmond
Address: 503 Clement St.
Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Monday. Closed Tuesday.

About: Wing Lee Bakery is a small bakery that specializes in both sweet and savory dim sum items. It is a small business on Clement Street next to Wing Lee BBQ Restaurant, in the bustling heart of the Richmond neighborhood. There is almost always a line going out of the restaurant. In the window, you will see their roasted and barbecued meats. The steamed dumplings such as shiu mai and shrimp har gow were the first items we saw when we entered the bakery. On the far end of the display were the sweets, such as egg tarts (my favorite) and black bean pastries. They had a large menu in both English and Chinese. The prices are cheap! But bring your cash, because this bakery is cash only.

What I love: The BBQ Pork Bun and the egg tarts!! The Pork Bun was nice and soft and overflowing with BBQ pork. The bread has a nice sweetness on the top without being overpowering. The egg tarts are what I get the most excited about when I see them. They are soft and sweet, and a perfect 2 bites of goodness. The bakery is fast, even though there is a long line. The workers are friendly and happy to help you. The neighborhood is super fun, with lots of other shops and restaurants to check out while you enjoy your buns and pastry treats.

Cole Hardware

Suggested by: Ruby
Neighborhood: Cole Valley
Address: 956 Cole Street
Hours: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily

About: Cole Hardware is a store with tools, gardening supplies, decorations for every holiday season, housewares, toys, and gifts. The store is packed floor to ceiling with all kinds of supplies, and full of fun decorations. Cole Hardware was founded in the 1920s and bought by the current owner in 1959. Cole Hardware was one of the first green-certified hardware stores in the country! They also started a battery recycling program that now includes lightbulbs, filters, and more. The N-train stops close by, at Carl and Cole Streets. This store was their first location, but now they have expanded to five locations throughout the city.

What I love: I love Cole Hardware because they have great tools for fixing things, paints, gardening objects, pipes, plungers, batteries and more. Some people enjoy the Legos and electronics they offer. Their Christmas lights and Halloween decorations are also a student favorite!

Crocker Amazon Park

Suggested by: Vincent
Neighborhood: Crocker-Amazon
Address: 799 Moscow St.
Hours: 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily

About: Crocker Amazon Park is a large park with something for everyone! It was founded in 1934 and was developed by the Works Progress Administration from 1934 to 1937. During World War II it became a Navy hospital, and then housing for veterans. In 1957, it became a park again. It has a playground with purple slides, swings, and a sandbox. You can play any sport at Crocker Amazon Park, with fields and courts for tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball, football, bocce ball, and volleyball. It is a good place to walk dogs and hike, and connects to the trails of McLaren Park. There are picnic tables, benches, restrooms, water fountains, and water bottle stations. The park has a hummingbird farm and garden with vegetables and flowers.

What I love: The colorful playground with mosaic benches, and the tennis courts are amazing! It would be easy to start in the park and take a longer hike when you have time to explore. It is a big park with lots of different things to see and do. The community garden is peaceful and cheery. There is a snack bar open on the weekends. Check out Crocker Amazon Park for a fun outdoor adventure!

Jane the Bakery

Suggested by: Francesca
Neighborhood: Fillmore
Address: 1881 Geary Blvd.
Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily

About: Jane the Bakery opened in February 2011. In 2013, they remodeled the building and in 2016 they expanded the building even more. Before Jane, it used to be a KFC & Taco Bell fast-food restaurant. In their bakery, they make a lot of bread, sandwiches, and pastries. They also have gluten-free options. During the pandemic, they made a sitting area where customers can sit and eat outdoors. They have a motto: “Here at Janes, healthy eating means having a salad and a cookie — it’s all about balance.” We think this is a great outlook to have!

What I love: What I love about Jane the Bakery is the pastries and my favorite bread is their baguette. I love to get gluten-free brownies for my brother, who is autistic and nonverbal. We love their desserts. Especially the big cookies and the sourdough bread made with purple corn! We enjoyed eating our food across the street at the Raymond Kimbell Playground near Gateway High School and Hamilton Park.

Books Kinokuniya

Suggested by: Francesca

Neighborhood: Japantown

Address: Japan Center – Kinokuniya Building
1518 Webster Street

Hours: 10:30am – 8:00pm daily

About: Kinokuniya is a big Japanese bookstore with two floors. The original location was founded in 1927 in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. In 1969, Kinokuniya opened its first overseas bookstore in San Francisco, California. They sell manga, magazines, cookbooks, history books, and Chinese books. They also sell gifts, toys, anime and manga collectibles, and other knick-knacks.

What I love: What I love about Kinokuniya bookstore is that they have all my favorite anime such as Demon Slayer, Sword Art online, Inuyasha and other old studio Ghibli movie classics such as Kiki’s Delivery Service and Ponyo. They also have all the manga books I love like Fairy Tail, Legend of Zelda, Kirby, and Kingdom Hearts. Lastly, I also like Japanese anime music, posters, and video games. Be sure to check out the fun gifts and cute plushy characters!

Merced Heights Parks

Suggested by: Linden

Neighborhood: Merced Heights

Address: Lakeview & Ashton Mini Park:
488 Orizaba Street
Brooks Park: 373 Ramsell Street

Hours: Lakeview & Ashton Mini Park: 6:00am–10:00pm daily
Brooks Park: 5:00am–12:00pm daily

About: These two small parks are just four blocks apart. If you want a tough but rewarding neighborhood hike, climb up to these parks for amazing city views! Accessible from the K, M, or 29 on Muni, hike up to the top of Orizaba St (access from Bright or Jules if you come from the north). Though Lakeview & Ashton Mini Park is more of a giant rock than a park, on clear days you will have a 360˚ view of San Francisco including the ocean, bay, and the Peninsula. From there, a quick walk down Shields St. leads to Brooks Park, with a playground, community garden, and picnic area with grills. Continue through the picnic area for a view of Lake Merced and the ocean.

What I love: These two parks are rarely crowded and have beautiful, peaceful views. They are excellent stops on a neighborhood walk and were destinations for me during the pandemic when there were not many places to go! I recommend watching the sunset at Brooks Park. If you go on a foggy day, the trees at Brooks Park look like an enchanted forest. During the holidays, check out the decorated houses on the corner of Garfield St and Beverly St while you’re there!

Spreckels Lake

Suggested by: Luca

Neighborhood: Outer Richmond

Address: Golden Gate Park
(Fulton & 36th Avenue)

Hours: 24/7

About: Spreckels Lake is a manmade lake in Golden Gate Park also known as the Spreckels Lake Model Yacht Facility. Built in 1904, the lake was designed for racing model boats and is the home of the San Francisco Model Yacht Club. The lake holds about 7.8 million gallons of water. It is a calm, quiet, pleasant, and peaceful place. You can see lots of wildlife there. There are many types of birds, including geese, ducks, seagulls, pigeons, and coots. There are also fish and turtles, and it is just a short walk to the American bison paddock. Monterey Cypress trees, as well as other trees, flowers and plants surround the lake. There are many benches where you can relax as well as a picnic table where you can enjoy a churro or hotdog from the snack stand. There is a nearby bathroom and it is close to the 5R bus. Spreckels lake is a great place to take a jog, walk your dog, and enjoy a peaceful day.

What I love: It is a peaceful lake and a lovely place to get some fresh air or exercise and spend a relaxing afternoon. We liked getting to see all the wildlife, especially the fish popping out of the water, the turtles sunning themselves on the turtle-shaped rock, and the water birds floating in the lake. We liked seeing the impressive model boats as well. The snack stand has great ice cream and churros, and hotdogs for meat-eaters and vegetarians. The picnic tables and many benches make room for everyone to rest and enjoy the lake. Enjoy your visit to Spreckels Lake!

The Sweet House

Suggested by: Luca

Neighborhood: Outer Richmond

Address: 3512 Balboa Street

Hours: 10:00 am–6:30 pm Sun–Thurs
10:00am–9:00pm Fri–Sat

About: The Sweet House is a small Asian store that has all sorts of candy, ice cream, milkshakes, and sweet & savory crepes. It is a small place located in the Outer Richmond district on Balboa Street. You can take the 31, 5, or 38 buses to get there. They make the milkshakes, crepes, and other treats to order on site.

What I love: I love the milkshakes and the ice cream. I love Oreo milkshakes because they have chunks of Oreos and are cold. I love vanilla ice cream because it is sweet. This store has been my favorite since childhood. Ruby liked how they have good candy, ice cream, and they have very good tea making. They also have cat statues and plastic crepes on display. You should check it out!


Suggested by: Jacky

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Address: Grant, Stockton, & Jackson Streets

Hours: Vary by business

About: Chinatown is a historic Chinese neighborhood in San Francisco. Established in 1848, it is one of the oldest Chinatowns in the United States. Known for its festivals including the Lunar New Year and the Autumn Festival there is a neighborhood rich in cultural traditions. Delicious moon cakes are served for the Autumn Festival with five different fillings. Lion dancers are colorful and great dancers and beautiful red lanterns decorate the streets from Clay to Broadway. Chinatown has many stores with amazing shopping. A lot of people love the dim sum and dining in other restaurants. There are many grocery stores that sell traditional Chinese foods and herbs. The main streets of Chinatown are Grant and Stockton.

What I love: I love the noodles and the pandas! I like all kinds of dim sum, savory and sweet. I like to eat yaki soba, fried rice, spare ribs, and fortune cookies. I like to visit the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory and get the sesame flavor. They started making fortune cookies in 1962. Street musicians play a two-stringed violin called an erhu. I like the murals because they show traditional culture, including dragons, phoenixes, lotus, and Chinese zodiac animals. This year is the year of the ox. I like living on Jackson Street. I can order food and pick it up nearby. Come and visit me in Chinatown!

Manila Oriental Market

Suggested by: Andy

Neighborhood: Excelsior

Address: 4175 Mission Street

Hours: 9:00am–7:30pm

About: This is the mother of all Asian supermarkets, at least in the Excelsior neighborhood. Manila Oriental Market is the place where you can buy fresh meat, produce, seafood, dry goods, and even frogs, toads, and a pig uterus! The market opened its doors in mid-1983. The building is 19,000 sq. ft. They have 60 employees and more than 70,000 items on their shelves, not including the fresh produce and meats!

What I love: Manila Oriental Market, known as “MOM” to the locals, has many of my favorite foods. They have many types of bread, but my two favorites are Hawaiian Bread and Pan de Coco. MOM has lots of fresh vegetables that my family loves to cook with, but I especially love their large variety of unique Asian produce. My favorite Filipino produce from MOM, that you cannot find almost anywhere else, are ampalaya, upo, sayote, and talong. MOM also carries a large selection of Yakult yogurts and my favorite sweet sauce, Sauce Mang Tomas. But what I love the most from MOM is BANANA KETCHUP! If you’ve never tried it, don’t miss your chance – visit MOM today!

Morning Due Café

Suggested by: Mateo

Neighborhood: Mission Dolores

Address: 3698 17th Street

Hours: 8:00am–3:00pm

About: Nothing beats a hearty breakfast with some coffee amongst people who treat you like family. If you are looking for a great place to get some breakfast or some brunch to start your day with, come into Morning Due Café. Morning Due has been a favorite for locals and visitors of Dolores Park as well as the Mission, Castro, and Noe Valley areas. They offer plenty of high-quality food that will satisfy your taste buds for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. The owner’s name is Joel and he has been running Morning Due’s for over 27 years. Joel hired 10 employees to run the restaurant. Morning Due Café can seat about 90 people.

What I love: Morning Due is located a few blocks from my mom’s place, actually, one and half blocks exactly and I began to stop there through all my high school years because it is also extremely close to Mission High. It was there that I was introduced to a warm white chocolate drink, that is delicious. Their hamburgers and fries are the BOMB and their home-made macaroni and cheese OH, my GAWDDDD!!!

Westfield Mall Featuring: Pink Pink Tea Shoppe

Suggested by: Thu

Neighborhood: Mid-Market

Address: 865 Market Street

Hours: 11:00am–6:00pm Mon–Fri
11:00am–7:00pm Sat
12:00pm–6:00pm Sun

About: The building opened in 1988, and the building was remodeled in 1991. This mall opens directly onto the Powell street train station and is across the street from the Powell Street cable car turn-around.

What I love: My favorite store is Pink Pink Tea Shoppe! This store opened in 2020. My favorite drink is milk tea boba oolong and thai milk tea. My friend works at Pink Pink. They have about ten people who work there. It has good and different flavors of milk tea. They have some tables to sit at with your tea. I would tell my friends to go to this tea shop, Pink Pink Tea Shoppe!

Stonestown Galleria

Suggested by: Jacob

Neighborhood: Lakeside

Address: 3251 20th Avenue

Hours: Store hours vary

About: Stonestown Galleria is located in the Lakeside neighborhood. You can easily reach this shopping center using the Muni trains and it is right across the street from the M-Line. I drive there with my family. There is plenty of parking. It was built in 1952. It is close to Lake Merced and SF State University. It has 109 stores, on two floors.

What I love: My favorite stores are Gamestop, Target, Trader Joe’s, and Lolli & Pop. What I love about Gamestop is that they have new games that come out every year. The store manager is friendly and helpful! I like to look at all the video games they have. Target is fun to look around and I buy groceries from Trader Joe’s. At Loli and Pop, the cashier is very friendly and helpful. A unique feature of this candy store is that you can buy a candy bucket and a candy jar and bring them back to refill with candy when you want more candy. I really like the peppermints. Another favorite store is Sports Basement where I enjoy looking at the weightlifting equipment. Check it out today!

Arizmendi Bakery

Suggested by: Jen

Neighborhood: Mission

Address: 1272 Valencia Street

Hours: 8:00am–7:00pm Wed-Mon

About: Arizmendi Bakery specializes in pizzas, pastries, coffee, tea, and bread. They are a worker-owned cooperative that provides a supportive, democratic workplace that values social justice and the local community. The pastries and foods are affordable, baked on-site, and delicious! They have a variety of wheat-free and vegan options for their baked goods, and their pizza of the day is always vegetarian. They have 3 bay area locations – all with delicious offers!

What I love: The pizza of the day! At only $3.00 a slice, it’s the best deal in town for a fresh-baked, tasty, and affordable lunch. They use a variety of fresh ingredients with recipes and combinations you might not expect. Meyer lemon, balsamic vinaigrette, and toasted walnuts are just a few of their unique and yummy pizza toppings! They make only one pizza a day, but you can check online to see the different flavors for the week. In addition to their pizza of the day, some of my other favorites are the corn and cranberry scones, freshly baked muffins, and iced chai lattes. For lunch, a pastry, a coffee, or a fresh loaf of bread, you really can’t go wrong!


Suggested by: Andrew

Neighborhood: Ingleside

Address: 1051 Ocean Avenue

Hours: 10:00am–10:00pm Mon-Sat
11:00am–9:00pm Sun

About: Are you ready for a blast from the past!? Beep’s burgers have been operating in its original ocean ave location since 1962. This restaurant is named Beep’s after the sound of a “spaced aged satellite”. It is a drive-in-style restaurant with walk-up windows. It serves high-quality local ingredients in all of its products. They have a very unique neon sign outside that you can not miss featuring a rocketship.

What I love: A trip to Beep’s is like a trip back in time, they keep things simple and classic. We love the food! There are so many good menu items. They have 100% Angus beef burgers in both ¼ pound and ½ pound options, grilled and fried chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, fish and chips, and more. Wait until you hear about all of the sides. There are four types of french fries, jalapeno poppers, onion rings, and even mini corn dogs! The world is your oyster at Beep’s Burgers!

Bi Rite Market / Alamo Square

Suggested by: Chukwu

Neighborhood: Western Addition/Nopa

Address: 550 Divisadero Street

Hours: 8:00am–9:00pm Mon–Fri

About: While primarily being a local grocery store, Bi-Rite is a place full of positive attitudes. It also has rules against any hate and/or racist comments. Truly a place for the community. They feature many local foods from San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. They take things seriously when it comes to cleanliness. All the variety of food you see inside was created by chefs, farmers, ranchers, and other food purveyors. Stop by BiRite next time you’re in the mood for ice cream, sandwiches, or a fine wine.

What I love: I love its location. It’s close to my house, a nice place to purchase items, and is in a cleaner area. There are so many great foods to try. I encourage you to come give it a try!

Dynamo Donuts

Suggested by: Baylee

Neighborhood: Mission

Address: 2760 24th Street

Hours: 7:00am–5:00pm Mon–Sat
9:00am–4:00pm Sun

About: Dynamo Donuts was established by Sarah Spearin in 2007 while she was on maternity leave. As a chef, she had a lot of experience with experimenting with interesting flavors. Sarah Spearin’s donuts are innovative and absolutely delicious. They are sold out of a nondescript storefront with no indoor access or seating. The only thing that alludes to the delicious experiments inside is the sign which is a donut with legs wearing cowboy boots. In the heart of the mission you might just walk past this tiny storefront so keep your eyes peeled. You might need to add some extra time to your morning commute if you want the options of all of the flavors, but these donuts are well worth it.

What I love: The chocolate spice donut! The chocolate spiced donut is a moist chocolate cake donut dipped in sugar, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. Examples of the available donuts are displayed in a glass container. You better show up early because lots of flavors sell out before noon! Donut worry though all of their flavors are innovative and they all taste good! They even have a line of gluten-free and vegan donuts that are just as delicious as their more traditional donuts. Get them before they’re gone!


Suggested by: Nicole

Neighborhood: Downtown

Address: 135 Powell Street

Hours: 7:00am–11:00pm Mon-Sat
8:00am–9:00pm Sun

About: The Walgreens at 135 Powell St, in downtown San Francisco, has to be the fanciest Walgreens in San Francisco, and maybe the world. There are so many things in this Walgreens that we had never seen at any other Walgreens. For example, this Walgreens is two stories tall and there is an escalator that goes between the floors. Also, the beverage refrigerators have screens for doors instead of windows, and the beverages inside are shown on the screen. We aren’t sure why they made the decision to replace the glass doors with screens because it did not make that much of a difference but it definitely made the Walgreens feel fancier. If you need something from Walgreens or if you are just looking to kill time downtown, this fancy Walgreens is the place to be.

What I love: The best thing about this Walgreens is its sheer fanciness, all without sacrificing those Walgreens prices. They even had sushi which was $9.00 dollars a roll. I usually wouldn’t eat sushi from a corner store, but this fancy Walgreens’ fancy Sushi totally had me tempted. The store also boasts of a Ghirardelli aisle which has a Ghiradelli sign hanging over it and is filled with every type of chocolate. They even sold toy cable cars and miniature models of the Golden Gate Bridge. This store is by far the BEST Walgreens in San Francisco!

Heavenly Bakery

Suggested by: Jose

Neighborhood: Excelsior

Address: 4845 Mission Street

Hours: 6:00am–7:00pm daily

About: Heavenly Bakery is a Mexican-American bakery known for its baked goods, brunch, breakfast, and sandwiches. They have croissants, morning buns, as well as traditional Mexican bread, cookies, and pastries. The items come individually wrapped and they are very cautious around COVID safety protocols. This location used to be an old noodle house that served pho. It is great to have a nicer quality bakery in the neighborhood where you can get a good loaf of bread.

What I love: I love the Mexican sprinkle cookie! It is a soft cookie with rainbow sprinkles and tastes sweet and has a light flavor. My sister always surprises me with one when she goes there and brings me one back as a treat. I prefer really subtle pastries that don’t have too strong of flavors so I usually go for the cookies. My dad really likes the morning bun. He says it’s crispy, not too heavily spiced, and very airy. It’s similar to Tartine for half the price!

Taqueria Cancun

Suggested by: Nicole

Neighborhood: SOMA

Address: 1003 Market Street

Hours: 9:30 am–8:40 pm Mon-Sat

About: Taqueria Cancun is an amazing restaurant with multiple locations in San Francisco. The cozy restaurant has nice people and colorful decor. They have burritos, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and taco salad! There is a wide variety of both meat and vegetarian options. On a budget? No problem! At Taqueria Cancun you can get a large meal starting at $10! They also have a selection of tasty drinks including Agua Frescas, Horchata, and Mexican sodas. The food is made fresh to order and comes out fast.

What I love: The enchiladas con carne (with meat)! We highly recommend the flavor pop of the red sauce with the savory meat inside. The enchiladas are served with rice, beans, extra tortillas, and chips! It is an amazing deal. They also include two types of salsa: spicy tomato and tomatillo salsa. They also have horchata, a sweet Mexican drink made out of rice with a hint of cinnamon. It is a refreshing treat for a hot day! We know that you will love this taqueria!

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