old typewriter
On Albion near 16th Street.  Photo by Angel Mayorga

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  1. Wow! I’d have kept it in my house if only as a conversation piece. (And I’ll bet it still works!) Looks like it weighs about 25lbs. Very cool.

  2. Albion near 16th…

    Triggered the memory of the coffee shop on 16th across from Kilowatt once upon a time. It became a bar (no idea what it is now). They served good “rocket fuel” coffee there, and had the kind of art pieces that would give you a little pause – like the typewriter with upright nails glued to the keys.

  3. What a waste! I have an almost identical green 1960 Olympia SG1 standard typewriter and would love to find one that no one wants … if nothing else its parts could help keep mine tapping alone. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure … “

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