Rachel Church, who was profiled in Mission Local managing editor Joe Eskenazi’s column titled “Rachel Church was homeless. A drug addict. An alcoholic. But she’s better now. She wants you to know this,” joined us on BFF.fm. The studio is situated on the Capp Street block where Church would roam as a sex worker.

“So it’s really nice to come into these businesses,” she said about being in the BFF studio, “because I always felt that I was always looking in. And now I feel I can be on the other side.”

But the road to where she is now was not easy, full of fits and starts and a struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. She also spoke of her encounters with local law enforcement — how some officers would solicit sex from Church when she was a teenager. Regardless, these days Church is completing her college degree, has found permanent housing, and is raising her young daughter.