Gregory Dillon, a reader, reminded us that it is tamale time in the Mission District and we’ve pulled up a recipe/video on how to make them from Hélène Goupil and Judith Joffe-Block.  As everyone knows, you head first to La Palma to pick up your masa.

Like many good home cooks, Lucha Segovia doesn’t measure ingredients.

She uses the basic masa from La Palma, but you can save a step by
buying the “masa preparada” that already has lard, salt and baking
powder mixed in.

Baking powder
Chile de árbol
Chile de ancho
Sesame seeds
Pumpkin seeds

Boil pork in pot with water and put broth aside for masa.
In a big bowl, mix masa, lard, baking powder, salt and broth. The
texture should be compact but not too dry. Let it sit for 30 minutes.
For the sauce, roast three kinds of chilis — chile de árbol, guajillo
and chile de anzo.

Once the peppers are roasted, take out the seeds.
In a big pot, simmer tomatoes, sweet onions, oregano, pepper, sesame
seeds, salt and garlic. Add broth to thicken sauce.
Let corn shucks soak in hot water to soften. Spread masa on the larger
end, then add meat and sauce and fold.
Steam for one hour.

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