Storm clouds are brewing in San Francisco’s media landscape. With Gannett Corporation pulling the plug on The Bold Italic, the recent shuttering of the Bay Guardian after 48 years, 7×7’s slimming down, and trouble at the SF Weekly, things are feeling kind of bleak.

When a news publication closes, it means the loss of an outlet for new voices. It means less information to people who need it most. It means fewer journalists around to ask questions.

Mission Local wants to be around to ask questions. We don’t want to the join the list of recent closures. We want to be a model of locally produced, locally owned, in-depth neighborhood news.

That’s why we’re hosting a community discussion on the future of our site and local news in general. We want to hear from our readers about what they want to see in their local media. We want to better understand what you want, and need, when you come to our site. We also want to discuss how we can work together as a community to keep a plethora of local news outlets alive, kicking, and in business to better serve you.

Join us for a neighborhood mixer (there will be food and drink!) and engaging discussion about the future of Mission Local and you.

We’ll be convening Tuesday April 21, at 7 p.m. at Borderlands Cafe, 870 Valencia Street. Event is free for whoever has some good ideas, constructive criticism, and a business model to keep local news organizations. RSVP on Facebook to let us know you’re coming!