Happier times for the bike. Screenshot.

Eric, a local resident, reports that he arrived at Asciento Bar on Bryant and 21st Streets at 7:10 p.m on the 16th and locked up both the wheels and the seat of his Nashbar road bike. “I removed the pump, lights and bag under the seat. I went in the bar for about 15 minutes, looked outside and it was gone. The lock was cut and left on the ground. I have the lock. He was carrying a bottle of Brisk Fruit Punch, which he tossed in the street. I have it too and am having it fingerprinted.”

Eric can be reached at stolenbikeon21street@gmail.com.

Stolen April 16, 2015 @ 7:25pm

Location: 2730 21st St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Brand: Nashbar

Model: CR3 Carbon Road Bike NB-CR3-48

Size: 48CM

Serial #: RF348BJ00004

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  1. this makes me sick. how did this thief saw the lock off? how can i prevent this from happening to my bike?

  2. what kind of locks?? the thief “cut” them in 1/2 secs. like shoestrings with no perceivable effort.
    hope you get it back.

  3. Seth – he used a bolt cutter that was concealed under his shirt to cut the cable lock. That was my big mistake – never use a cable lock. Always use a quality U-Lock. Also, get the smallest one possible so they can’t fit a bar in and lever it open. It stinks, but that’s the world we live in. BTW, I went to Laney College flea market today to see if I could find my bike. People were buying/selling stolen bikes with impunity.

  4. In any place with rampant bike thievery, cable locks are good for nothing except perhaps discouraging the less well-equipped thieves Have you not seen the many security videos of these guys pulling massive bolt cutters out of their pants or coats and dispensing with the wimpy things in less than 10 seconds? Get a U-lock or an Arbus folding lock. Chain your seat, get locking skewers for your hubs. Then you can probably relax.

  5. check out the Arriba Juntos Flea Market, there was just a chron article about stolen bikes/parts being sold there. check the sidewalk bike chop shops as well. if you see your bike or parts get a cop… don’t go it by yourself.
    i NEVER let my bike out of my sight, even locked. if i can’t take it inside or see it, i drive/walk. too bad it has to be like that.

  6. There are lots of junk Ulocks out there that offer no more protection than a cable lock. I see the skelatal remains of the Kryptonite series 2 ulocks all over the city because thiefs can break them in seconds with a concealed crowbar or 2×4. If the Ulock doesn’t lock both sides of the U, it’s as worthless as a cable lock.

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