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While everybody knows, or should know, that the anti-gentrication club anthem of our time is Google Google Apps Apps by Persia and Daddies’ Plastik, there’s a new offering to the San Francisco-specific genre of gentrificationcore. Local designer Kelly Niland posted a video today of her version of LCD Soundsytem’s swan song to a pre-Guliani New York, “New York, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down.” Her version, of course, is titled “Mission, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down.”

Altered to the Mission, Niland’s version takes note at the rapid changes in the neighborhood. “Mission, I love you but I don’t like this ride. You’ve got single serve coffee, but no place to buy Tide,” is among several couplets juxtaposing the neighborhood’s extremes. Niland, who has lived in the Mission for 22 years, says the song, her first foray into music, came about in a particularly Mission in 2015 moment:

It all came about as I sat on my front steps a month ago, painting over a batch of graffiti while getting lightly sprayed with concrete dust from yet another major renovation project next door (there have been 7 right next to/behind our house in the past year) and just flashed on that LCD Soundsystem song. The next morning, the lyrics poured out of me and then I took it from there. It’s been a pretty cathartic process!

While Niland’s video noticeably lacks any Kermit the Frog, as LCD Soundsystem’s does, it’s a diverting little ditty about some big changes.  (Side note: James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem is in town Thursday to do a DJ set at Public Works.) Niland’s video below:

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