As many of you know, Clayton Douglas, a reader of Mission Local reported this weekend that he found someone’s vacation photos in a Nikon D70 that he purchased in the Mission for $60. “I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but when I got home I discovered the CF card inside the camera was full of vacation photos. This could be to be a stolen camera. The good news is that I will give you your camera.”

All he had to do was find the missing owner so he posted the photos on Facebook and we posted them on Mission Local. This morning we heard from Katie Briggs.

“My name is Katie Briggs and those are my photos from the article I was staying the Mission in April when they it was stolen from my car. I am overjoyed to hear they have been found! Can you assist me in contacting Clayton and proving my identity? Thank you so much for posting the article it has been an amazing relief!”

So how did this happen? Katie explained:

“I was on a cross country culinary + music road trip last year when my camera was stolen. I am a traveling chef and was doing a dinner and a show series with the folk band The Sun Flights. We had left Pennsylvania in the midst of the Polar Vortex and toured down to New Orleans when where we had a residency till March.

We then headed west through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and finally San Francisco. We were staying with the late Arturo Galster in the Mission when my camera was stolen and I was pretty devastated as I had over 6 months of work I had neglected to back up. All of my work, vanished.

I had written it off as bad luck when it happened and tried not to think about it but I would get flashes of pictures I took along the trip often and was bummed I had lost them. I was in Maine at the site where we hold a music festival annually when I heard of your article from a slew of people who I had all lamented to at one point or another about the lose of my D70.

It was the only tragic thing that happened to me on my 8 months on the road, and here it is! Back to me! I could not be happier or more fortunate. This has inspired me to continue on with my project of completing my first culinary e-book on Regional American Cuisine and Music. Thank you again for posting the article. I really appreciate it!”

Briggs said that she’s unsure exactly how the camera was stolen. “It is very odd, we had left Santa Cruz with it and then when I checked my camera bag it was gone, the charger and other cables (and my computer) were all left, just my camera taken.”

You can learn more about her project at Eclectik Domestic.