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The NYTimes has a piece today on the sharing economy and how that means any insurance claims for places like Airbnb and Uber first run through the sharer’s insurance. It surveyed some experts and discovered that for Airbnb hosts, “Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies do not cover regular commercial activity in the home.”  READ THE FULL PIECE HERE. 

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  1. That’s no different from how, say, when you rent a car you have to use your own motor insurance (if you have it) if you have an accident before the rental company will cover the loss.

    Makes perfect sense. Everyone who goes on vacation should buy adequate insurance for loss and liability.

    Not sure I see any real issue here.

  2. Well, you don’t buy extra insurance every time you step into a cab or spend the night in a hotel. But I wouldn’t take a risk by using either of these two sleazy companies to begin with.

    (I’m amazed the NYT is still using the term “sharing economy” at this late date. That was a lie from the beginning.)

    1. Usually if I stay in a hotel or rent a car it is because I am travelling, and I absolutely buy travel insurance, or my work buys it for me. Lots of things can go wrong on a trip, and it is prudent to buy cover e.g. lost bags, accidents, missed flights etc

      “Sharing economy” is the correct phrase. It’s an economy based on sharing. If it were merely charity we would use that word instead.

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