Mapping SF Police Officer Shootings

Courtesy of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project has mapped the shootings of San Francisco police officers since 1985 that have ended in deaths. In its release, the project said the list is incomplete, but that of the 94 killings it identified the race of 90 of the victims and found 39 percent were black, 28 percent white, 11 percent Asian and 10 percent were Latino.

“As the community shuts down Black Friday in SF today beginning at 5 pm at the Embarcadero, they will be protesting the racial injustice depicted
in this map,” the press release announced.

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  1. Sheila Green

    I think you mean “shootings BY SF police officers.”

  2. Bert

    Oh great, now Erin McElvoy is jumping on the “cop shooting” bandwagon.

    The headline says that 41% of those shot were black, but then the article says 39%. Which is correct?

    Either way, that only matters if the percentage of perpetrators of violent crime are less than 39/41 per cent black. Seems doubtful. I’ve heard that 50% is a closer number.

  3. Strunk N. White

    I think you mean shootings *by* police officers, not shootings *of*. Changes the entire meaning.

  4. George

    It would be interesting to see this statistic adjusted based on the demographics. For example while it might seem that the numbers between black and white are close, compared to the percentage of black people in the city to white people I think it would be even more disproportionate.
    While I think people here are very quick to jump on the “cops are unfairly shooting people” bandwagon before the facts are out I do believe that police need to learn to not escalate situations.
    I had a cop scream at me the other day because I was waiting for someone in a loading zone. When I wanted to ask him where I could park nearby he just kept screaming at me to move. He escalated the situation and it didn’t need to be like that. He could’ve politely asked me to move, answered my question and it would have been a civil interaction.
    While this might seem insignificant it’s case in point, cops get aggressive here very quickly and that makes people aggressive in return.

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