Photograph courtesy of Velo City.

In the most expensive San Francisco election to date, money won – except in Measure L, a non-binding measure that sought to elevate the consideration of motorists in the city’s transportation policy.

L, which would have brought back metered parking on Sundays and holidays but also required representation of motorists in the SFMTA, had backing from Sean Parker and the Republican Party.

Parker might want to elevate the auto, but election results indicate that voting residents have a loyalty to the idea of more public space, fewer cars and better public transportation.

Even after outspending the No on L by more than three to one, 62 percent of voters opposed the measure.

By far, the campaign to defeat a two-cent tax on sugary beverages spent the most money.   While Measure E won 54 percent of the votes, it failed to come close to the 66 percent or two-thirds majority needed to approve the tax.

To defeat it, the Coalition for an Affordable City, backed by the American Beverage Association, spent $8 million. That amounts to $18 per registered voter and $47 per vote cast.

In the chart, the numbers indicated are an estimate of money spent promoting and opposing each measure. It should be noted that the Campos v. Chiu race, though currently favoring Chiu, still has more than 22,000 ballots to count.

Data sources: San Francisco Ethics Commission and the San Francisco Chronicle

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  1. The left loses at elections so much that the always have their excuses pat and ready to go. Typically:

    1) Voter fraud. If the left wins it is a powerful mandate from the people. But if they lose, it is because of vote-rigging.

    2) Money. The election was bought by big money, conveniently ignoring the millions that SEIU pumps into local elections to ensure that their gravy train is never under threat

    3) Misinformation. The left always tells the truth but the right lies and manipulates.

    And if you believe that, you will believe anything.

    1. Ummm, you seem a bit off. Unproven voter fraud is a Republican meme (see Georgia). Money. You really want to compare Koch money versus union money. Again, you lose. Misinformation–coming from someone who believes in what the creationism museum espouses, that’s rich.

      1. If you cannot rove fraud then it didn’t happen.

        And money is just a quid pro quo to the left being able to put more people out on the streets.

        We have the fairest electoral system on the planet, and you lost. Try and learn what you did wrong rathee than whining and offering weak excuses.

  2. Money equals flyers, people on the street advertisements. It means total energy and effort spent on a campaign. That’s what all this money is converted into. Looks like an engaged democracy to me.