A stray bullet from a shooting on 15th and Natoma streets hit a nearby residents house.

In a span of less than 30 minutes five men sustained gunshots injuries in two separate shootings according to police and residents. Police are investigating whether the incidents are related.

At around 10:15 p.m.four people were shot outside a building at 24th and Alabama streets and all were being being treated for non-life threatening injuries. Three of the victims were shot in the leg and one was shot in the arm.

Then sometime after 10:30 p.m. at least 16 shots were fired at 15th and Natoma streets leaving two man with non-life threatening injuries, according to neighbors and police on the scene.

At least two stray bullets pierced through the living room window of a nearby house, leaving the residents uninjured but shaken.

“I was sleeping in the couch watching Duck Dynasty when my brother wakes me up and then I hear yelling in Spanish,” said a resident of a house near 15th Street, who asked that his name not be used for fear of retaliation. “That’s when I heard the ‘pop, pop, pop’ and I ran to the kitchen.”

A stray bullet pierced through the living room window, a room, and a closet door before resting on a pair of pants at a shooting at 15th and Natoma streets.

One bullet pierced through his living room window, cut across a wall to a room, then through a jacket, a closet door before resting on a pair of jeans. “I never even got to wear the jacket,” he said.

A second bullet pierced through his living room window, cutting across a living room wall before resting in the ceiling.

This is the second time the residents of this home were hit by stray fire. Last June a stray bullet also pierced through their apartment, hitting their living room wall.

Residents in the area are all too used to shootings, they said. “At this point I just count the shots,” said a neighbor as he talked to others.

“He’s very lucky to be alive,” said one resident of the house about the man sleeping in the living room.

“I just want to move to the avenues,” he responded.

Correction: An earlier version stated that there were five people injured total yesterday, It was actually six people who were injured from gunshot wounds.

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Rigoberto Hernandez

Rigoberto Hernandez is a journalism student at San Francisco State University. He has interned at The Oregonian and The Orange County Register, but prefers to report on the Mission District. In his spare time he can be found riding his bike around the city, going to Giants games and admiring the Stable building.

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  1. Yet again i made the news for another shooting at the same place. Respect go those who have came to see me.

  2. The victims on Alabama street were just hanging out like they often do outside their homes. They didn’t recognize the shooters, don’t know why they were targeted other than being outside.

      1. sfrentier, you sound like you know that block pretty well. Are you acquainted with the victims? How do you know that some of the visitors are thugs?

        The shooting seems more like a initiation ritual to me, with the shooters proving that they are tough enough to be in a gang. The victims sound like they were profiled by the shooters… and by others.

        1. That’s what a neighbor said, so I was putting it out there. It was also mentioned that a retaliation was in the works. True? I don’t know.

          What makes you suspect it’s a gang initiation?

          1. The shooters have been arrested. So who is there to retaliate against?

            You hear stories about gang initiations where new members have to prove their worth through violence. I don’t know if that is really true or just urban legend.

            To the person who said that the people who got shot used their front steps as a garbage dump and toilet: I pass by there a lot and have for the decade that I’ve lived nearby. I’ve never seen dumped bags of trash, piss, or shit (other than occasional dog shit like anywhere.) Just full of boisterous people who never gave me a hard time.

  3. The victims are folks who have lived on that block since they were in diapers. In fact one of their parents have been on that block since she was a baby. They are not thugs…they are not criminals. They have a right to sit on their stairs. If you don’t like it then leave and go back where you came from. This is coming from a native who’s family has been in the Mission since the 50s. A hard working family who own their property that will never be in the developer’s hands.

    In the infancy of this gentrification I predicted that some of these “hipsters”, “techies”, etc would suck up the culture in the Mission and attempt to make it their own….I knew that drugs and alcohol would come into play and the Christopher Columbus’s of this Gentrification wouldn’t know how to handle themselves…so what do I see when I walk down 24th St…drugged up…alcoholic…hipsters…techies…wondering the streets like lost souls…guess u can call that the hipsters dia de los muertos…strung up and trying to figure out how to get back to Kansas. Go Away if you can’t handle La Mission!

    1. I see those people hanging out on the steps (alabama at, nearb24th) almost every day. It looks like a 6 unit apartment bldg. They own it? Looks to me like they are long term renters.

      I agree most of the folks there don’t look like criminals. But I have heard that some thugs are their friends and do come around. Maybe that was where trouble arose, otherwise why would someone shoot?

      As for blaming drunk hipsters….comon’ man, gimme a break!

      1. I wasn’t blaming drunk and strung out hipsters..I’m stating what I assumed would happen to the hipsters in the long haul of this gentrification..in other words Don’t Call The Kettle Black!!!! And they should stop complaining of the people that have been in the Mission for many many many years…they just arrived and they should respect what has and still is there If they don’t like it then they should just pack right back up and leave!

        1. Taking an honest look at the impact of the behavior of just a few residents will lead you to a very different answer about who is being disrespectful. Contrary to what you seem to believe, no one has the “right” to disrupt and endanger an entire neighborhood, no matter how long they have lived there.

          I don’t know if the people involved in these incidents are criminals or bad people and frankly, it doesn’t matter. What I do know is that the other people on the block (many of whom have lived there longer) have a right to feel safe in their own homes and that is being compromised by a few people acting as if it’s their God given right to treat the sidewalk or stoop as their own private living room, bathroom, and trash can. Regardless of the root cause for the violence or their innocence, if they weren’t congregating in front of buildings, there would be no one to shoot at and the violence would end. Period.

          This is not about gentrification and “Techies” vs long-timers or gentrification. There are plenty of long-time residents who would love nothing more than for this to stop or to escape it–and unfortunately many of them don’t have the luxury of just packing up and leaving because they don’t like it. Violence, filth and fear don’t qualify as “character” worth respecting or preserving in any neighborhood.

          I think it’s very easy to try and justify this as “what has and still is there” (that people need to deal with or move away from if they don’t like it) when it’s not happening repeatedly in front of YOUR home and you’re not fearing that YOUR children could be killed as they sleep. There aren’t any “Techies” on my block that I know of, but there sure are a lot of families.

          1. lr, Believe you go too far in saying that people don’t have a right to treat their stoops as a living room. Our god does not deny us the pleasure to sit on stoops, and nod to and greet the neighbors.

            Its sound like someone has a spacious setup, with no one living in the livingroom room. but frankly do you know that you read like you don’t like the culture of gathering on front stoops and that you want that culture to be squashed?

  4. Gentrification solves these types of problems. Saw it happen over my 5 years in Wash DC. Hope to see it here in the mission over the next 5 years.

    1. I’m not against tech workers, but balance requires we note that that a local tech company that is valued in the billions of dollars didn’t pay, and then found a way to have law changed to avoided taxes they owed to San Francisco, another tried to sell parking spaces they didn’t own, tried to buy our public parks for $27 an hour, and the techies have been silk road 1.0 and silk road 2.0 in facilitating drug selling and another who is one of the richest in the world stuck the City with a 9 million dollar bill for his sailboat advertising team.

  5. I don’t condone violence. Grew up here my entire life. Crime is everywhere. Could conditions be better? Yes.. let’s collectively figure it out. Thank God these guys can’t shoot! Could have been worse.

    1. Actually, I think that the fact that “these guys can’t shoot” is the most terrifying thing about these incidents–not a saving grace. There are innocent people sleeping in their homes or walking down the street who are at risk of being killed or seriously injured, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (in their own homes!).

      The “crime is everywhere/things could be better/could have been worse” attitude is an insult to the neighbors who are told repeatedly that they have no recourse and just have to hope that they won’t get caught in the crossfire the next time it happens. This is repeat, serious violence and not something that should be tolerated until something “worse” happens.

      1. I agree. Gangbangers should at least learn to shoot accurately. Perhaps campos can get behind a “teach gang members how to properly use firearms” campaign. He doesn’t want surveillance cameras or incarcerations, so I thought a gun aiming course would fly.

  6. BP , I think the only thing we would probably agree on is that developers want to make as much money as possible. Less crime, violence, drunk bums, prostitutes would enable them to make higher profits. The NIMBYS in the Mission want more crime, drunk bumz, prostitutes . Nothing funnier to a NIMBY is seeing someone pay 80k in taxes a year to step outside into someone’s sh*t. The best part is the tech worker supports all the services for the bum by working 60+ hours a week so the bum can do nothing.

    1. @Ricardo: Do you really believe what you just wrote? Are you so out of touch that you don’t have any sense of your neighbors concerns? People can oppose certain development projects (and thereby be insulted with the term “NIMBY”) without wishing ill-will to others. I think you need to grow up a bit and give up on the insults. Then maybe you should listen to your neighbors. You don’t have to agree with them; but maybe you can move past nasty lame posts like the above.

  7. How would that help? He already is a supervisor. The election was for State Assembly. If he wins, he will have no impact on local city crime issues. To the contrary, voting against him will keep him as city supervisor.

    1. Putting him in Sacramento would be like when Ammiano was there. He didn’t do anything because he is useless. Putting campos in Sacramento would have gotten him out of the city and we could have had a more qualified supervisor. The thought process is good but I like that he didn’t win and in a few years will fade into obscurity. Like McGoldrick. Yaki, Daly and Ammiano. All useless grandstanders that accomplished nothing except getting free healthcare for life!

  8. Campos will convene a task force to get this under control. He has more time now that he won’t be going to Sacramento. He also promises not to write anymore bad legislation for his final two years, pull up his sleeves and do some hard work on real issues concerning his district.

    1. That would be nice, but I’m not holding my breath.

      Also, anyone know if the alabama incident was gang on gang? There are usually some folks hanging out on the steps on alabama, bet 23 and 24, but I doubt they are gang related. I walk by them often and I don’t think they’re gang.

  9. Maybe I should have voted for Campos. We desperately need a sup in the Mission who actually cares about crime and the safety of the residents.

    1. I don’t get the impression that Campos cares so much about crime — I believe he’s against putting up cameras; against gang injunctions; against deporting undocumented people who are criminally arrested.

  10. We need the development on 16th and mission to be built 20 years ago. The blood is one the NIMBYS hands. These honest working people should not have to live like this. We need more development to clean this place up.

      1. @Native, the development in the Mission is not part of the problem, here. This just the latest in several gunfire incidents in less than two years, involving the same group of people, who congregate in front of the same building every night, drinking, using and selling drugs, smashing their empties on the street, urinating on neighboring homes. The other residents in the building are mostly families, and are probably intimidated and scared–as are many of the other neighbors on the block. Let me tell you how terrifying it is to wake up to over a dozen shots (again!) and wonder if a stay bullet has made it’s way into your sleeping child’s room. This kind of violence is inexcusable and should not be tolerated in “anybody’s backyard”. In this case, organized NIMBYism would be the best thing that ever happened for the block.

        1. Edited to add – NIMBYism against the violence, not the development, if that wasn’t clear in my previous comment. And agreed, @ricardo, re: opposition to the 16th St. development. If this is the type of “character” that other residents want to preserve in their neighborhood, it is just beyond my comprehension.

      2. Native, you are nothing more than a racist trying to push his own racist agenda. Shame on you . The working class have it had enough working multiple jobs to just be barely making it. They or anyone else should not have to live with bullets flying through their home. You racist