KQED’s documentary series Truly California will be premiering a film that might be of some interest to Missionites. Everything Came from the Streets by director Alberto Pulido, which airs this Sunday at 6 p.m. on KQED, examines the history of lowrider culture in San Diego. Here’s more and the trailer below:

The 1970 takeover and establishment of San Diego’s world-famous Chicano Park, home to the country’s largest outdoor collection of murals, became a focal point of social change that went hand-in-hand with modified lowriders. Branding your car was a statement and sometimes you had to get creative and go to extremes, like using airplane landing gears, if you were going to stand out while cruising or in hopping contests. As car artist Robert Martinez puts it, “This… looks like a million cars sitting on the street, so I’m going to do it different.”