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We just received an email about a five-day fast by 11 students—including Claudia Aguilar, a Mission High Student.

Students asking, “What if it was you?” eleven students fasting call for humane treatment of children, collect donations

What: SF Families adopt Wednesdays as their day to demonstrate their support to the students. Bringing      donations to the camp site.

When: 12:00 PM, Wednesday, August 13

Where: Civic Center across from San Francisco City Hall

Who: Eleven local students who are fasting this week

San Francisco, CA – The fast began at noon on Monday, a group of eleven bay area students launched a five-day fast to urge the Federal Government to protect thousands of children who have fled violence in Central America.  Inspired to action by the passage of anti-immigrant legislation in the House of Representatives and the accelerated deportation of vulnerable children, the students will only drink water during the fast. 

The students range in age from 16-20 and hail from several high schools and colleges including Mission, Skyline, and Albany Highs, and SF State, UC Santa Cruz, Notre Dame, Chabot College, and City College. Four are originally from Central America.

In recent weeks, local governments and faith leaders throughout the Bay Area have urged a compassionate, humane response that welcomes the children to the US and protects them from harm.

Fasters Share Their thoughts on their 3rd day of fast,

Rodolfo Lara Montes says “entering his 3rd day of fasting begins to feel fatigued and down, but remembering what these kids are currently going through is what keeps him pushing further and further.”

Claudia Aguilar, Mission High School. Daughter of a Salvadoran 1980’s civil war refugee says “although this fast is difficult, it is nothing compared to what these children go through. I am cold and hungry but I’m willing to sacrifice for the sake of these innocent children.”

Coral Sanchez, first year future UC student says “Although extremely hard and tempting moments she finds her strength in the children she is doing this for.

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