Renting Out Your Rental Might Become Legal (SF Business Times)

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The SF Business Times gives a good sum-up of the more than six-hour hearing over Board of Supervisor President David Chiu’s ordinance on short-term rentals. The Planning Commission voted 4-2 in favor of the ordinance but asked for changes.

Chiu‘s language would allow the short-term rental of units by tenants in multi-unit buildings while the tenant is gone up to 90 days a year. It would not intrude upon apartment leases, which generally prohibit subleasing, and would give property owners 30 days to object to a tenant getting city approval for short-term subleasing. READ MORE HERE.

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  1. Sam

    Well, some of us claim it is already legal, and I certainly do not know of anyone who has been cited or prosecuted for what is in any event a very informal and relaxed arrangement.

    But if people are this confused about what home-sharing is, and it seems that many still do not really get this popular disruptive movement, then some clarification is helpful and Chiu’s effort is far from the worst idea I’ve seen.

    Note also that many of us typically rent short-term but for more than 30 days – one to six months is common – and AFAIK they are unaffected by this bill, nor by the existing alleged prohibition, nor by the hotel tax that, again, some claim are due on such stays.

    I think the sweet spot here is probably the Goldilocks “not too short and not too long”.

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