It is 7 a.m., 61° and headed to 70° or the same as yesterday’s high. Details for today and the next ten days are here.

Alejandro Nieto’s family plans to deliver papers asking the Federal courts to take action on the case of the 28-year-old who police shot on March 21 on Bernal Hill.

San Francisco’s Hispanic Catholic leaders will also hold a prayer vigil for immigrant rights on Friday at 6 p.m. that starts at St. Peter’s Church on 24th Street.

And yes, the Mission will empty out in the upcoming week as at least some of its residents take off for the annual Burning Man event that begins next week on the 25th. SF Gate has a piece on how it has become a festival for those upping the ante with money.

Michael Nolan is busy walking the streets of long ago on Bernal Hill. And, as everyone knows, prepare for Saturday’s party on 20th Street.  And for Sunday Streets on Sunday. 

Enjoy the day!