It is 6:43 a.m, 57° and headed to 66° with weather underground saying that it will be “much cooler” than yesterday. Details for today and the next ten days are here.

Michael Bauer gets “palate fatigue” at Bar Tartine. 

The Mission’s yet to be run as a dick, but Boing Boing follows runner Claire Wyckoff around town tracing her runs. I wonder what psycho geographers would say about this approach.

KQED offers an update on the neighborhood video stores and whether they can be saved. 

valenciaprintingValencia Printing – yes, the one with the wonderful sign—has closed. In the last few years it held large pieces of printing equipment that were then shipped to places in Latin America. It also seemed to be a place where a lot of cool looking men with cowboy hats sat around talking. Now, it’s gone—the men, the wonderful signs.

Outside of the Mission (Is any place really outside of the Mission?) the NYT writes about how the internet is impacting art and the 89Plus Project. 

Enjoy the day my small band of GMM readers.