Bi-Rite Groceries Delivered

Screenshot from Bi-Rite

Exercise is out. Sit at home and get instant gratification – or somewhat instant as it takes an hour – to get your groceries delivered from Bi-Rite.  It is not using Instacart.  (Wasn’t grocery delivery the beginning of the end of the last bust? )

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  1. Missionite

    Great idea! I’d much rather give my money to Bi-Rite than to Amazon Fresh or Safeway.

  2. Jaime

    when i was a child – my mother had me walk down the block to the bakery/butcher/corner store and pick up whatever she needed for dinner that night. when i was a young adult i used to pick up whatever i needed from those places on the way home from work. i just don’t understand why we need delivery trucks from various stores/internet companies roaming the streets exhausting pollution – double parking – and generally causing traffic issues when one can walk – bike or use public transit to most any of the same kind of stores mentioned above. at the very least we should demand that these trucks are electric or hybrid. perhaps some deliveries can be made bicycle? or scooter?

    • Jaime

      also i might ad – the new bi-rite on divisidero neglected to include delivery parking so they jam up one entire lane for several hours a day…all times of the day sometimes in the evening during rush hour.
      they’re def adding to the vibrancy of that neighborhood but this is a major flaw to those of us who have to travel that road

    • Backtotheburbs

      It’s similar with the transportation network comapanies: you can walk almost anywhere in SF (and there are many other transport options) so no real need for massive amounts of door to door service.

      Cities lose a lot when residents don’t walk around. It’s this destructive self-isolationist trend which seems deeply connected to people staring into their devices.

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