4505 Meats Shares Sausage Secrets with SFGate

4505 Meats

Ryan Farr, owner of the Mission’s specialty butcher shop 4505 Meats, shares his sausage-making secrets with SFGate today. He gives the full step-by-step process of sausage-making that’s offered in his new cookbook, Sausage Making. Farr describes the process of sausage-making as a meticulous one:

“My love is the art and science of making sausage,” he says, referring to the need for specific ratios, conditions and engaging the senses. “For me, it’s kind of like making bread.”

You can read Farr’s full recipe here, but while you’re in the mood for sausage check out this fantastic video by Mark Kurlyandchik about how 4505 makes and sources its meat.

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