Reward for Lost iPhone and Computer

Photo via KQED

KQED reports that last 4th of July, Ann Zeis, 26 years old, passed away after falling down from a roof on Harrison and 24th Streets. Zeis had spent the afternoon with friends and went to a bar nearby. The fatal fall happened some time after she left the bar.

Zeis’s family in St. Louis is trying to recover the computer and smartphone that belonged to her and disappeared after the incident. The family is offering $2,500 to whomever can return the belongings.

The identity of those who accompanied Zeis back to her apartment is unknown. But after the incident, Zeis’ laptop and smartphone were discovered to be missing. Now, in fliers posted around the Mission District, her family in St. Louis is offering a $2,500 reward for the return of the computer. A reward is also available for the phone. READ MORE HERE

If you have any information call Patrick at 214-491-8477

Mission Local has more details on this story.

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