Police Investigating Threatening Graffiti

Graffiti appearing on 24th and Bryant. Photo from KTVU.

Graffiti appeared on the corner of 24th and Bryant Friday morning, but it was not your run of the mill neighborhood tags, it was something more threatening. Among other things, its author wrote to “Kill hipster yuppies,” and threatened violence if this group didn’t leave the neighborhood in six months.

The message has since been painted over, but according to NBC Bay Area, SFPD are investigating the source of the threatening message. NBC spoke with Aaron Presbrey, the owner of Roosevelt’s Tamale Parlor, who had this to say about the graffiti that appeared near his restaurant:

The graffiti appeared around the corner from the Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, which Aaron Presbrey purchased recently with the goal of preserving it.

“Some of that could be directed toward me personally,” Presbrey said of the graffiti.  “I’m also concerned about the affect on business and if people want to come to the neighborhood.”

We’re working on a story right now about a rash of vandalism. Stay tuned for more updates.

Correction: This post originally stated that Roosevelt’s Tamale Parlor is on Bryant and 24th, it’s between Bryant and York on 24th Street.

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  1. ThatGuy

    I hope Mission Local gets part of the blame for continuously fanning the flames and giving nut jobs air time.

  2. mike

    The correct word is “effect”, not “affect”. C’mon guys. You’re in the word business.

  3. Max

    So what does ACCE intend to do about this? Will there be flyers denouncing this behavior as well?

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