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Former Mission Local reporter Stefania Rousselle and multimedia editor Mimi Chakarova are producing a feature-length documentary entitled, “MEN: A Love Story.” In the film, Chakarova seeks the unadulterated version of what love means for men. The result is undeniably a dark comedy with a diversity of subjects. From the film’s description:

The result is a stunningly honest, unapologetic and decidedly un-politically correct glimpse into the minds of American men, and what the word ‘love’ means to them. From tiny blues bars in the deep South to investment banks in lower Manhattan. From rodeo riders in New Mexico to corn farmers in the Midwest, “MEN: A Love Story” is, at times, a dark comedy. But ultimately it is a poignant journey of the heart. WATCH THE TRAILER. (password: Love)

The topic of love is a tough one to shred, but it seems to be the next logical step in finding out what men think about women and love. Chakarova spent more than seven years doing research and was immersed in the difficult world that her last film, “The Price of Sex,” talks about. Watch this to get a hint of what it was like. “The Price of Sex” focuses on women that had been taken into sex trafficking in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the soviet bloc.

Rousselle and Chakarova are now raising funds to complete the post-production piece of the project. Watch the trailer of the film that will be completed next year.

And click here to watch/read ML’s coverage by Chakarova and Rousselle.

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