This DJ Will Get You Hooked

It all started with the singing bird in the middle.

Maya Jane Coles is an electronic dance music producer who is also a DJ. Her music focuses on trip-hop, EDM, and more than genre labels she aims to hit that sweet spot you feel when music is just right. She doesn’t plan her sets either.

“I never preplan my set,” she said. “It defeats the point for me. It’s so boring to show up and know what you’re going to do. The whole art of it is reading the crowd.” For anyone who’s ever witnessed an EDM producer plugging in a laptop to play a preprogrammed set, Ms. Coles’s old-school approach is a blessing and a relief. READ MORE HERE.

Recently, she played after midnight at Public Works in the Mission District:

At Public Works, a San Francisco club, Ms. Cole took over after midnight. Packed too tightly for dancing, the crowd swayed and bobbed as she spun airy, syncopated tracks that seduced, rather than hammered the way commercial EDM can. Her two worlds came together: Weaving in like-minded tracks by Bakermat and Paride Saraceni, she built a long, sinuous section out of her remix of Booka Shade’s “Love Drug.” Her placid expression belying the intensity of her focus, Ms. Coles created soundscapes that appealed to both the ears and the mind. READ MORE HERE.

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