The Lost Church Is About to Resurrect

Photo via The Lost Church's Indiegogo campaign site.

The theater production house The Lost Church is going renovations. The Lost Church opened in 2011 as a Rock and Roll dinner venue. They are raising money to finish remodeling and improve existing facilities. The building on Capp Street was designed by David Ireland, a conceptual artist that passed away in 2009 and whose house was turned into a museum. More about Ireland’s house:

The house on Capp Street never progresses to a renovated, finished look. Instead, casements are left open so that a visitor can see the layers and brooms accumulated over time become beautifully disheveled.

Ireland lived and worked there until 2005 when his deteriorating health meant he had to move to an assisted living facility.

Philanthropist Carlie Wilmans bought the property in 2008, and said recently that the house will be a repository directly related to his work; an archive and a place for people to see his art. READ MORE

And, as to the former art installation gallery, The Lost Church is raising money to be ADA compliant and remain open as well as remodeling their kitchen and acquiring an ABC license. Contribute to their mission on Indigogo.

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